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Restaurant Description Tel (876)
Bamboo Village Authentic Chinese cuisine. 926-8863
China Express
Where the chef has over 20 years experience in serving tantilizing Chinese dishes. Challenge Centre-Marketplace. 906-9158-9
Dragon City Authentic Cantonese cuisine. 927-0939
Menu features Japanese, Chinese and Korean dining. 929-2339
Hong Kong City
Authentic Chinese cuisine prepared by expert chef from Hong Kong. 920-9800
Jade Gardens Fine Chinese dining with a touch of Jamaica. Private dining room facilities. 978-3476
Kowloon Authentic Chinese cuisine. 978-3472
Lychee Gardens Elegant ambiance. Specialities include Peking Duck and Ants on the Tree. 929-8619
New Double
Genuine Chinese cuisine. 960-2210
New Peking
Fine dining in the heart of Downtown Kingston. 967-0650
New World
Authentic Chinese cuisine. 926-5836
Panda Village Authentic Chinese cuisine. 941-0832-3
Timmy Yip
Fast Food
Fast and delicious Chinese food. Dine-in and Take-out service available. 931-7937

Restaurant Description Tel (876)
Blue Mountain
Dine by the river in a lush mountain setting. Renown gourment cuisine. 927-1700
The Brasserie Terrace dining at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel. Salad and pasta bars. 926-3690
Bullseye Steak
Steaks and salads, located in the corporate area. 960-8723
Devonshire Garden dining in elegant Devon House. 929-7046
Palm Court Elegant setting in the Hilton, New Kingston. 926-5430
Strawberry Hill Exclusive dining, special Sunday brunch. Located in Irish Town. 944-8400
Terra Nova Elegant dining, with banquet facilities available. 926-2211

Restaurant Description Tel (876)
Pizza Delite Love at first bite! 978-1332

Restaurant Description Tel (876)
Chasers Cafe Specialize in Jamaican lunches. 978-5776
Grog Shoppe An excellent spot for an outdoor cocktail. Located in Devon House. 929-7027
Heathers Specialize in Jamaican and Middle Eastern dishes. 960-7739
Hot Pot A "local's" spot for jerked meats. Located behind the Hilton in New Kingston. 929-3906
Hotel Four
Jamaican and European cuisine. 926-8805
Quiches and Crepes are a speciality. 978-3831

Restaurant Description Tel (876)
Fish Place Enjoy music from a Jamaican mento band every Wednesday night. 924-4063
La Roose Seafoods and Steaks. Located at Port Henderson Beach. 998-4654
Sir Henry's
at Morgan's
Located in Port Royal, with dining by the sea. 924-8464
Port Royal
Located in the Jamaica Pegasus, New Kingston. 926-3690
Rodney's Arms Outdoor dining in Port Henderson, Portmore. 988-1063

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