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Perched on the Manchester plateau 2000 feet above sea-level, Mandeville is a cool, clean, rural Jamaican town.

Thanks to energetic promotion by the Central and Southcoast Tourism Organization, the town is a magnet for discerning visitors and an excellent base for exploring the central hills and the south coast. Once a haven for English gentlefolk who deemed it the closest thing to home, it was a prim and rather static place until the advent of the bauxite industry in the 1950s. Overnight Mandeville became a roistering boom town, began to grow and flourish and has continued to do so ever since. As a market centre for farmers, a dormitory town for two large alumina companies and the first choice of returning retired Jamaicans, the town enjoys a relatively stable economic base and offers the pleasures of rural life with the convenience of a mini-city.

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