1944 - An un-named hurricane destroyed 40 percent of the coconut crop.

1951 - Hurricane Charlie hit Jamaica leaving 154 dead, 20,000 homeless, and causing. 16 million pound sterling in damages.

1953 - A Tropical Storm affected the northwest coast of the island.

1954 - Hurricane Hazel caused widespread rains in eastern Jamaica.

1955 - Hurricane Janet unleashed islandwide rains that caused flooding.

1958 - Tropical Storm Gerda caused flooding on the north coast.

1961 - Tropical Depression Gerda hit the island affecting St. Catherine, Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Ann.

1963 - Hurricane Flora affecting the eastern section of the island causing a number of deaths.

1964 - Hurricane Cleo affected northeastern coast of the island.

1966 - Hurricane Inez affected northeastern coast of island.

1967 - Hurricane Beulah hit Jamaica. St. Thomas was the hardest hit parish.

1969 - A Tropical Storm caused extensive damage in eastern and northern parishes.

1970 - Tropical Storm Alma caused widespread showers in eastern parishes.

1973 - Tropical Storm Gilda caused extensive damage and resulted in the death of six persons.

1974 - Hurricane Carmen affected the south coast.

1974 - A Frontal System caused flooding on northcoast, resulting in extensive damage.

1975 - Tropical Storm Eloise caused damage to crops.

1978 - Tropical Depression - affected western parishes causing extremely heavy rainfall.

1978 - Hurricane David caused flooding in eastern section of the island.

1980 - Hurricane Allen missed Jamaica but winds and heavy rains generated by the hurricane ravaged the island causing the deaths of six persons and leaving hundreds homeless.

1981 - Hurricane Katrina caused torrential rains islandwide and flooding in the eastern section of the island.

1988 - Hurricane Gilbert smashed into Jamaica devastating the agricultural sector, leaving hundreds homeless, and causing billions of dollars in damage.

Tropical cyclones making landfall (direct hit *) or hitting Jamaica
1871 to 1988

Date Time and Type Movement
1874/10/01 Sunset Hurricane Clarendon to St. Mary *
1872/10/12 Night; Morning Storm St. Elizabeth to Westmoreland
1800/08/18 Midnight Hurricane St. Catherine to Trelawny *
1886/09/17 Sunset Hurricane St. Thomas to St. Mary *
1903/08/10 Night; Morning Hurricane Clarendon to Westmoreland *
1904/06/12 Midnight Storm Westmoreland to Hanover
1910/08/24 Midday Storm Clarendon to St. Elizabeth
1912/11/18 Sunrise Hurricane Westmoreland to Hanover
1916/08/15 Afternoon Hurricane St. Catherine to Hanover*
1927/11/07 Sunset Storm Clarendon to St. Ann
1933/10/29 Afternoon Hurricane Westmoreland, Hanover, St. James*
1944/08/20 Morning Hurricane Portland, St. Mary, St. Ann, Trelawny, St. James*
1951/08/17 Night Hurricane Clarendon, Manchester, St. Elizabeth
1961/10/15 Afternoon Depression St. Catherine to St. Ann *
1988/09/12 Morning Hurricane St. Thomas to Westmoreland *
1994/11/12 Night Storm Clarendon to Portland