The Leader of the Opposition

SEAGA, The Right Hon. Edward Phillip George, P.C., M.P., YB.A., LL.D. (Hon.), Prime Minister of Jamaica 1980-89; Leader of the Jamaica Labour Party since 1974; Leader of the Opposition since February 1989.

Born: Boston, Mass. U.S.A., May 28, 1930 of Jamaican parents, Phillip George Seaga (dec’d) and Erna Maxwell Seaga.

Educated: Wolmer’s Boys’ School; Harvard University.

Career: Nominated to the Legislative Council (later the Senate) at 29 years, the youngest member in its history; Member of the Committee which drafted the Constitution of Jamaica; Member of Parliament for Western Kingston since 1962; Minister of Development and Social Welfare 1962-67; Finance and Planning 1967-72; Leader of the Opposition 1974-80; responsible for decimalizing of Jamaica currency and introducing and developing several financial institutions: the Jamaica Development Bank, National Development Bank, Agricultural Credit Bank, Jamaica Mortgage Bank, Jamaica Unit Trust; represented Jamaica as Governor for the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, The Inter-American Development Bank, the Caribbean Development Bank. Established the Urban Development Corporation; spearheaded the emergence of Negril as a tourist resort; transformed a Kingston slum – ‘Back-o-Wall’, into a

modern, low-income residential community Tivoli Garden; introduced the 100 Village

Community Development Programme; Architect of various social programmes: HEART; Solidarity and the Self-Start Fund; the Food Stamp Programme; the Golden Age Home for the welfare of

the indigent aged. Initiated the Jamaica Festival, the National Heroes Award and National

Heritage Week; arranged the return to Jamaica of the body of Marcus Garvey; worked out the initial plan for the Cultural Training Centre; established the Jamaica Journal/of the Institute of Jamaica; developed the blue prints for the establishment of Port Royal, Spanish Town and Seville as historical centres; created a cultural centre at Devon House and Things Jamaican, as a handicraft design and production centre; set up Metropolitan Parks and Markets to undertake the re-development of the parks and markets in Kingston and to undertake public sanitation and beautification of the city; established Agro 21; introduced the Administrative Reform Programme to re-structure the Civil Service Administration; created the Jamaica Promotions Ltd. (JAMPRO); promoted the concept of an international culture bank leading to the establishment of the International Fund for the promotion of culture by UNESCO; played a leading role in the establishment of the Caribbean Basin Initiative; spearheaded the establishment and was president of the Caribbean Democrat Union, an affiliate of the International Democrat Union; introduced the concept of a Manpower Bank which was later adopted by the U.N.D.P as a means of providing short-term expertise from the private sector. Member of U.N. panel of ‘Eminent Persons on Transnational Corporations’ (1989). First President of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency of the UN (MIGA).

Awards: Federal Republic of Germany – Grand Cross of the Order of Merit 1982; Republic of Venezuela – Grand Collar de Libertador 1981; Republic of Korea – the Golden Mercury Award 1981; Pan American Freedom Award 1983; Golden Key – Avenue of the

Americas Association N.Y. 1981; First holder of annual Dr. Martin Luther King Award by the Jamaican American Society and the United States Information Service 1984; Pan American Development Foundation Man of the Year Development Award 1983; Gleaner Honour Awards

for Outstanding Individual of the year 1980, 81; Honorary Degrees: LL.D. University of Miami 1981, University of South Carolina 1983, Boston University 1983, Tampa University 1982; Hartford University.

Publications: Development of the Child, Revival Spirit Cults (Jamaica Journal); Producer of album Folk Music of Jamaica recorded by Ethnic Folkways Library.

Denomination: Anglican.

Children: 2 sons, 1 daughter.

Interests: Sports, Music, Handicraft in general, Tennis, Hunting, Collecting Jamaican folk music and art.

Clubs: Kingston Cricket, various hunting

clubs, Jamaica Skeet.

Address: (business) 30 Knutsford Boulevard, Mutual Security Bank Building, 6th Floor, Kingston 5; Tel. 929-9600; (residence) 14 Paddington Terrace, Kingston 6.