This is the fifth edition of The Jamaica Directory of Personalities, the other four having been published in 1983, 1987, 1990 and 1993 by The Gleaner Company Limited.

We do not need to stress the usefulness of a reference book of this type to a wide range of people – to the individual as well as to the corporate body, to the teacher or librarian as well as the insurance agent. This new edition contains the names of many of the people whose skills and commitment will guide the country into the twenty-first century.

The personalities included in this publication were invited on the basis of their prominence in different areas of Jamaican life and activities. Their biographical details have been compiled largely from the information supplied in response to our questionnaires. Not every detail has been covered nor has everyone responded. Indeed, some outstanding persons have been omitted in accordance with their wishes. The sample is, however, representative.

We wish to thank all the persons who responded to our letters and our many contributors who have waited very patiently for this volume to appear. Thanks go also to the advertisers for their continued support; to Miss Val Llewellyn, Manager, who was largely responsible for collecting, collating and editing the material, and to all others who helped to make this a reality.

November 1995