ZACCA, The Rt. Hon. Edward, O.J., P.C., Attorney-at-Law, Chief Justice of Jamaica

since 1985. Bencher, Middle Temple, London, since 1991. Organizations: Formerly

President Hans Crescent Students Residence, London; Chairman Archives Advisory Committee Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, July 26, 1931, son of the late Wadie Zacca, Merchant and Angele Shoucair-Zacca. Educated: Kingston College; called to the Bar Middle Temple, Feb.

1954. Career: Private Practice, Jamaican Bar 1954-58; Clerk of Courts 1958; Resident Magistrate 1960; Puisne Judge 1968; Judge of Appeal 1981; President Court of Appeal 1975. Denomination: Anglican Married: Hope Marguerite Haddad, October 19, 1958; 2 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Tennis, Swimming, Gardening. Address: (business) Supreme Court, Kingston; Tel. 922-2933; (residence)

1 West King’s House Road, Kingston 6.

ZIADIE, Errol Tewfick, J.P. General Manager, General Accident Insurance Company since October 1985. Director Seprod Ltd., Jamaica Fire Brigade. Organizations: Chairman Jamaica Association of General Insurance Companies; President, PWD Hunting & Sporting Club; Vice-President Jamaica Sport Shooting Federation. Born: March 4, 1946, son of Herbert Aston Ziadie, and Reima Alixe Ziadie (both dec’d). Educated: St George’s College. Career: Articled Clerk, Livingston, Alexander & Levy 1962-65; Inspector, Antilles International Insurance Co. 1965-67; Key Home Ltd.

1967-70; Inspector, British Caribbean Insurance Co. 1970-75; Director, Gamble & Davidson Insurance Brokers, Allied Insurance Brokers 1975-79; Operations Manager, Marshall & Sterlings Insurance Agency, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands 1979-81; Vice President, Essex Export Inc. 1981-85. Denomination: Catholic. Married: Dorothy Ingrid Lanigan, June 5, 1982, 1 son, 1 daughter. Clubs: Royal Yacht, Liguanea, Constant Spring Golf, Jamaica Gun, Kingston Cricket, . Address: ( business) 58 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10. Tel. 929-9643-8.

ZIADIE, Herbert Arthur, Company Director; Vice President Marketing Desnoes & Geddes Ltd. since 1978. Director, Desnoes & Geddes Ltd, Riva Ridge Ltd. Organizations: President, Jamaica Golf Association, P.W.D. Gun & Sporting Club. Born: St. Andrew, November 11, 1934, son of Aston Ziadie, and Reima Ziadie (both dec’d). Educated: Jamaica College. Career: T. Geddes Grant; West Indies Plastics; West Indies Record Ltd. – Key Homes Ltd.; Desnoes & Geddes Ltd. 1977. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Children: 3 sons. Interests: Golfing, Fishing, Shooting. Club: Jaycees of Jamaica. Address: (business) 214 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11; Tel. 923-9291; (residence) 6 Pearl Way, Riva Ridge,

Kingston 8.

ZIADIE, Victor Tewfick, Attorney-at-Law and Sportsman. Director Victor Ziadie Realty Co. Ltd., Jamaica Orchards Ltd. Organizations: Member Jamaica Bridge Association and Jamaica Badminton Association. Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, October 6, 1954, son of Victor Ziadie Snr., Realtor and Majorie Gordon-Hay-Ziadie. Educated: Campion College. Denomination: Jehovah’s Witness. Married: Judith Angela Leyow, October 29, 1980. Interests: Badminton and Bridge (represented Jamaica in both sports at the International Level on numerous occasions) Club: Constant Spring Golf Address: 23 Lady Musgrave Rd.,

Kingston 5.