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MacKAY, John James, B.Sc. Educator; Headmaster Campion College since 1977. Organizations: Member Board of Governors Hillel Academy, Association of Science Teachers of Jamaica, Jamaica Teachers’ Association. Previously, Member of Archdiocesan Advisory Council. Born: St. Mary, Jamaica, November 12, 1937 son of David Hunter MacKay, Manager Gray’s Inn Sugar Factory, and Violet Elaine Miller-MacKay. Educated: Campion Hall Preparatory School, St. George’s College, University of the West Indies (Lond.). Career: Teacher of Biology at St. George’s College 13 years, Dean of Studies at Campion College 1973-77. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Married: Winsome Aileen Segree, December 12, 1965; 1son, 1 daughter. Interests: Swimming, Skin-Diving, Weight-Training, Reading. Address: (business) Campion College, 105 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6; (residence) 2 Edam Drive, Russell Heights, Kingston 8.

MACMILLAN, Judy Ann, Artist. Managing Director, Colony Realty Co., Cross Roads Development Co. Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, December 3, 1945, daughter of Dudley G. Macmillan, Businessman, and Vida J. Fullerton-Macmillan (both dec’d). Educated: Wolmer’s Girls’ School, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee, Scotland. Career: Eleven one-man shows starting with first in 1966, last one being September 1987. Group exhibitions, both local and foreign. Participated in Caribbean Focus Exhibition at Commonwealth Institute in London 1986. Awards: Bronze Medal, Festival Exhibition (1969), First Prize, Annual National Exhibition, Institute of Jamaica. Creative Works: Numerous major group and solo exhibitions in Jamaica, U.S.A. and Europe. Denomination: Anglican. Children: 1 son. Interests: Travelling, Swimming, Reading, Movies. Address: (business) Macmillan Advertising 29 Old Hope Rd., Kingston 5. Tel.926-1796-8.

MacMILLAN, Robert Anthony, M.A.P; Advertising Executive. Managing Director, MacMillan Advertising Ltd., Colony Theatre Co. Ltd.; Director, Colony Foods Ltd., Colony Realty Ltd., Eagle Commercial Bank Ltd., Cross Roads Development Co. Ltd., Tremaine Ltd. Organizations: Vice President Advertising Agencies Association of Jamaica, former Chairman Salvation Army Advisory Board (Kingston), former Secretary Caribbean Council of Advertising Agencies, Advertising Agencies Assoc. Born: St. Andrew, September 13, 1948, son of Dudley G. MacMillan, Advertising Agent, and Vida Fullerton-MacMillan(both dec'd). Educated: Wolmer’s Boys’ School; Miami Dade Community College (Florida). Career: Former Secretary, Caribbean Council of Advertising Agencies Associations; Member of Trans-Canada Advertising Network. Recieved the highest honour of the Trans-Canada Advertising Network 1987. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Carol Hyder, October 10, 1979; 2 sons. Interests: Motorcycling, Reading. Club: Rotary Club of Kingston. Address: (business) 29 Old Hope Road, Kingston 5. Tel. 926-1796-8.

MADDEN, Aulous Fernando, O.D., F.C.A., F.C.C.A., F.A.I.A.; Chartered Accountant, Senior Partner Aulous F. Madden & Co. since 1972. Managing Director, L.O.G. Ltd. and GLO Printers and Stationers Ltd., Chairman, Christian Missions, Christian Publications, Three C’s Company Ltd.; Director, Radio Jamaica Ltd. Organizations: Senior Lecturer/ Examiner in First Aid – St. John’s Ambulance Association, Vice-Chairman – Mavisville Prep. School Board, Member Gideon International, Vice President Public Accountancy Board, Elder Maranatha Gospel Assembly; Member & one-time Vice President, Treasurer and Hon. Secretary, PSOJ; First President The Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Caribbean, Member, International Associate of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Israel, Council member The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica, Chairman Board of Directors Christian Missions, Member Parliamentary Integrity Commission. Born: Kingston, Jamaica, August 23, 1937, son of Noel Madden, Businessman, and Daisy Whitelocke-Madden, Housewife. Educated: St. Aloysius Primary, College of Arts, Science and Technology, University of the West Indies (Extra Mural Centre). Career: Accounting Clerk/Bakery Supervisor – G.M. DaCosta & Company 1957-59, Accounting Clerk/Office Manager – D. Henderson & Company Ltd. 1959-61, Accountant Todd’s Engineering Company Ltd. 1961-62, Accountant/Treasurer; Office Manager/Company Secretary – Jamaica Gypsum & Quarries Ltd., 1962-75. Part-time Practice 1972-75. Delegate 4th Jerusalem Conference on Accountancy, Israel 1986; Leader of ICAJ’s Delegation, XIII of World Congress of Accountants Tokyo,Japan 1987; Participant in Bi-Annual seminars of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica since 1972; Participant/Panellist seminars Institute of Certified Public Accountants of USA since 1988; Delegate/Panellist conference of Key Caribbean Finance Executives on Government Accounting in USA, Canada, Florida, 1989 & 1991. Awards: Serving Brother of the Order of St. John. Denomination: Christian Brethren. Married: Joan M. Jarrett, June 5, 1965; 2 sons, 3 daughters. Interests: Volley-Ball, Swimming, Walking, Table Tennis. Address: (business) 6 Lockett Avenue,Kingston 4, Tel. 922-1074, 922-1090-1; (residence) 21 Temple Meads, Jacks Hill, Kingston 6.

MAGNUS, Dahlia Geraldine Lynch, O.D.; Parish Council Secretary (retired). Organizations: Chairman Trelawny Library Committee, Friends of the Falmouth Hospital. Member Hospitals (Montego Bay Region) Management Board, Peoples Warden - Trelawny Parish Church. Member Board of Management - William Knibb High School, J.A.M.A.L. Zone Committee, Trelawny Disaster Preparedness Committee, Trelawny Cultural Development Committee. Born: Montpelier, St. James, June 18, 1920, daughter of Alexander McCatty Clarke, Station Master - J.G.R., and Caroline Robertha Jones (nee) Lynch (both dec’d). Educated: Montpelier Anglican Church School, Montpelier Private High School, Institute of Local Government (Birmingham). Career: Civil Service - R.M. Courts Department 1941-43, Local Government - Trelawny Parish Council 1943-60, St. James Parish Council 1960-78. Served as Member of Mills Committee for reform of Local Government, also on Committee appointed by Govt. to make recommendations for the revison of laws dealing with Land Sub-division. Represented Government of Jamaica at International Conference held at Cambridge University (U.K.), on the subject of “Training for Development in Third World Countries” 1962. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Dr. Victor Simeon Magnus, September 13, 1971. Interests: Reading, Gardening, Community service. Address: 1 Park Lane, Falmouth P.O.; Tel. 954-3260.

MAGNUS, Kenneth Eugene, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D; University Lecturer/ Chemist, Professor of Applied Chemistry, U.W.I. since November 1987. Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences since 1985. Organizations: Chairman Paints and Surface Coating Committee and Industrial Chemicals Committee, Bureau of Standards, Member Jamaica National Commission for U.N.E.S.C.O., Scientific Research Council, Association of Science Teachers of Jamaica, Jamaica Association of Scientists and Technologists, Jamaica Association of Sugar Technologists. Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, November 27, 1927, son of Stanley E. Magnus, General Manager Jamaica Railway Corporation, and Kathleen W. Magnus (both dec’d). Educated: Wolmer’s Boys’ School, University of the West Indies. Career: Laboratory Assistant Agriculutral Chemist’s Laboratory, Government Dept. of Agriculture (Jamaica) 1945-49, Demonstrator – Chemistry Dept. (U.W.I.) 1952-53, Research Asst. Chem. Dept. (U.W.I.) 1953-54, Junior Research Fellow Chem. Dept. (U.W.I.) 1954-57, Junior Research Fellow Chem. Dept. – University College of Swansea (Wales) 1957-58. Research Fellow Chem. Dept. (U.W.I.) 1958-62; Lecturer Dept. of Chemistry (U.W.I). 1962-68, Associate Dean – Faculty of Natural Sciences (U.W.I.) 1971-72, Technical Director – Scientific Research Council (Jamaica)1973-75, Head Dept. of Chemistry, U.W.I. 1977-87. Awards: Pelican Award – Guild of Graduates (University of the West Indies 1966), Centenary Medal - Institute of Jamaica 1979, Prime Minister’s Award 1983, Award for Science Education - Jamaica Society of Scientists and Technologists 1985. Publications: Several Articles, monographs and textbooks relating to Chemistry including: Some Jamaican Herb Remedies are poisonous, with D. Adams - Bulletin of the Scientific Research Council, 1966, 6, 105. The Ortanique Orange, with V. Nugent and C.V. Bent (Tropical Science, 1967, 9, 182l) Foundations of Chemistry - An Introductory Course , Chemistry Dept. (U.W.l.) 1969, Pimento Drying – Caribbean Farming, 1972, 4, (1) 8; Organic Chemistry: An Introduction – Chemistry Dept. – U.W.I. 1972, A Course in Applied Chemistry at a Third World University, with B.A. King and J. W. Smith – Eur, J. Sci. Edu., 1980, 2, 407. Denomination: Methodist. Married: Isabel Crooks; 1 daughter. Interests: Gardening, Reading. Address: (business) Dept. of Chemistry, University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston 7; (residence) 65 Hope Boulevard, Kingston 6.

MAHFOOD, Joseph M., Industrialist. Director – West Indies Synthetics Ltd. since 1965. Director Mahfood’s Commercial Ltd., Gator Ltd., M.C.L. Cash & Carry Ltd., F.S.J.R. Ltd., Wisynco Trading Limited, Zenith Insurance Brokers, Chairman St. Catherine Redevelopment Co. Ltd. Organizations: Member Stamp Advisory Committee, Treasurer P.W.D. Gun and Sporting Club, Chairman Millsborough Maintenance Limited. Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, November 11, 1942, son of the late Saleem F. Mahfood, Businessman, and Evelyn H. Chammas-Mahfood. Educated: St. George’s College, McGill University. Career: Salesman Mahfood’s Commercial Ltd. 1962-63, Managing Director Bonanza Ltd. 1963-64, Prepared‘Study on Artificial Tyre Reef’, for Ministry of Agriculture. Designed Stamps for Jamaica (Sir Rowland Hill Issue 1979) , (Marine Issue) 1981. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Married: Laurie E. Teleford, December 5, 1964; 1 son, 3 daughters. Interests: Scuba diving, Philately, Underwater photography, Squash. Clubs: P.W.D. Gun and Sporting, Jamaica Sub Aqua, Jamaica Philatelic Society. Address: (business) P.O. Box 260, Kingston 8; (residence) P.O. Box 260, Kingston 8.

MAHFOOD, Sam, Company Executive. Chairman West Indies Synthetics Company since 1964. Director of Trading - Wisynco Trading Ltd.; Wisynco Lands Ltd; Gator Ltd. Organizations: Past President - Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (P.S.O.J.). Born: Kingston, Jamaica, May 6, 1940, son of Saleem Mahfood, Merchant, and Evelyn Mahfood, Housewife. Educated: Campion Hall, St. George’s College and Assumption. Married: Rose Marie Khouri, June 17, 1962, 2 sons, 1 daughter. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Interests: Fishing, Shooting, Bridge. Clubs: Liguanea, Constant Spring. Address: (business) P.O. Box 69, Spanish Town; (residence) P.O. Box 90, Kingston 8.

MAHFOOD, Winston Harry, C.D., J.P., B.Sc.; Businessman. Chief Executive Officer and Director – C.M.P. Industries Limited and subsidiary companies since 1969. Born: Kingston, Jamaica, June 28, 1926, son of the late Rizk Mahfood and Asma Zacca-Mahfood. Educated: Jamaica College, Massachussetts Institute of Technology. Career: Industrial Engineer, Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation 1952-54, Managing Director, C.M.P. Metal Products 1954-69, Director and Past President, Ja. Manufacturers’ Associaton 1974-75 & 1976-81. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Joy Younis, October 30, 1971; 3 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Travel, Golf, Tennis, Bridge, Reading. Clubs: Caymanas Golf and Country, Liguanea, Jamaica. Address: (business) C.M.P. Industries Limited, 237 Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston 11. Tel. 923-6634-9; (residence) 12 Norbrook Road, Kingston 8. Tel: 925-9571.

MAHWINGKEE, Celli, Executive Creative Director – N.C.M. Advertising Ltd. Director Sheer Genius Ltd. Born: Kingston, son of the late Harold Mahwingkee and Edythe Hendrickson-Mahwingkee. Educated: St. George’s College 1942-50. Career: McCann Erikson Art & Publicity 1952-54, Advertising Manager – B.O.A.C., B.W.I.A. (Trinidad and Caribbean) 1954-59, Creative Director – Caplin Advertising Ltd. (London) 1960-64, Chairman Cemel Design & Associate Companies (London) 1964-74. Denomination: Anglican. Interests: Tennis, Cricket. Clubs: Liguanea, Kingston Cricket, Surrey Cricket (England). Address: (business) NCM House, 3 West Kings House Road, Kingston 10. Tel. 926-4269/929-5997.

MAIR, Lynda, LL.B., Certificate of Legal Education, Certificate of Merit, Norman Manley Law School. Attorney -at-Law. Partner, Myers Fletcher & Gordon since 1987. Organisations: Director, Kingston Restoration Co. Ltd., Sigma Unit Trust Managers Ltd., Sigma Investment Management Systems Ltd., Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation. Born: St. Andrew, April 3, 1955 daughter of Alvin Mair, Businessman and Irma Mair, Accountant. Career: Myers Fletcher & Gordon 1979 to present. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Interests: Gardening, Reading, Cooking, Politics. Address: (business) 21 East Street, Kingston.

MAIR, Raymond St. Aubyn, Insurance Executive; General Manager American Home Assurance Co.since 1989. Director, American International Underwriters (Ja.) Ltd. Organizations: Insurance Institute of Jamaica; Member, Jamaica Association of General Insurance Companies. Born: Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, May 25, 1935; son of Stanley Winston Mair, Auctioneer, and Cynthia Norton Mair, Nurse/Administrator (both dec’d). Educated: Kingston College; College of Arts, Science & Technology. Career: General Post Office 1954-55; Assistant to the Freight Agent, United Fruit Jamaica Co. 1955-56; Executive Assistant, Jamaica Co-op Fire and General Insurance Company Ltd. 1966-73; Managing Director, American International Underwriters (Ja.) Ltd. 1973-88. Publications: Poetry – Focus; The New Voices, Trinidad. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Herma Antoinette Levien, August 15, 1964; 2 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis, Cricket, Reading, Writing, Spectator Sports in general, Listening to Music, Theatre. Clubs: Kingston Cricket, Liguanea, Constant Spring Golf. Address: (business) American Home Assurance Company, 25 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5; Tel 926-2074; 929-2795; 929-3525; (residence) Lot 6, 14 Broadway Close, Kingston 8.

MALONEY, William Montague, B.A. Hons. (Econ.), Company Director. Managing Director, Tropicana Holdings Ltd. and subsidiaries since 1987. Director, Sugar Manufacturing Corporation of Jamaica Ltd., Helitours (Ja) Ltd., Caribbean Pacific Alcohol Co. Ltd. Organizations: Management Committee, Sugar Producers Federation of Jamaica, Director, American Chamber of Commerce of Jamaica, Member, Young Presidents Association, Jamaica Association of Sugar Technologists, Trustee, Caribbean Latin American Action (Washington D.C. USA). Born: Seattle Washington, USA, June 30, 1959, son of the late Robert Maloney, Mortgage Banker, and Janis Cooper Maloney, Travel Consultant. Educated: Seattle Prep.; University of San Diego. Career: Continental Corporation 1981-84; Tropicana International Ltd. 1984-87; Awards: US Congressional Scholar 1976. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Married: Theresa Mary Issa, January 9, 1981; 1 son, 1 daughter. Interests: Tennis, Basketball. Clubs: Liguanea, Jamaica. Address: (business) 8 Garelli Avenue, Kingston 10; (residence) 7 Salisbury Avenue, Kingston 6.

MANAHAN, Bertram Mathias, J.P. since 1983. Born: Swift River, Portland, July 17, 1922, son of Cecil Manahan, Farmer and Musician, and Adina Mason, Housewife. Educated: Bennetts’ Correspondence College. Career: Farmer, Haulage Contractor; former Mayor of Portland . Award: Prime Ministers’ Award for Social Work. Married: Lurline Elmena Barrett May 19, 1970; 5 sons, 2 daughters. Denomination: Seventh-Day-Adventist. Interests: Cricket, Boxing. Address: (residence) Swift River P.O., Portland.

MANHERTZ, Huntley G, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.; Economist. President Data Resource Systems International Ltd. since 1981. Director Victoria Mutual Building Society, Jamaica Unit Trust. Island Victoria Bank, Fidelity Finance Merchant Bank, Chairman, National Development Bank, Premier Coffee Trading Co, Alpha Financial Services. Organizations: Member American Economic Association. Born: Mavis Bank, Jamaica, May 12, 1938, son of Joscelyn Manhertz, Businesman and Farmer, and Elsie Raglan-Manhertz (dec’d). Educated: Dinthill High School, Jamaica School of Agriculture, North Carolina and Rutgers Universities. Career: Assistant Professor – University of Pittsburgh 1966-70, Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer – U.W.I. 1970-77, General Manager – National Savings Committee 1971-78, Deputy Financial Secretary 1978-81. Awards: Silver Medal - International Savings Banks Institute 1980. Publications: An Exploratory Econometric Model of Jamaica - Social and Economic Studies, I.S.E.R. (University of the West Indies), June 1971, The Savings Process and Capital Formation – Caribbean Capital Markets Symposium, Vol. 2, Bank of Jamaica, Kingston, May 1972, The Mobilisation and Allocation of Savings - Proceedings of the Seminar on Savings in Jamaica, National Savings Committee, Sept. 1973. The Price Determination Process in a Small Open Economy – The Jamaican Experience, in ‘Inflation in the Caribbean’, Institute of Social and Economic Research (University of the West Indies) 1977, Savings Behaviour in the Rural Sector – The Jamaican Experience – Savings and Development, Finafrica, Quarterly Review – No. 2, 1979 (University of Milan), The Mobilisation of Credit for Agricultural Development – A Jamaican perspective, U.N. International Symposium on the Mobilisation of Personal Savings in Developing Countries (Kingston, Jamaica), 1980. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Yvonne DeFlorimonte, 1964; 2 sons. Interests: Soccer, Hiking, Reading. Address: (business) 7 Oxford Park Avenue, Kingston 5. Tel. 92-66795.

MANLEY, The Right Hon. Michael Norman, P.C., B.Sc. (Econ), LL.D. (Hon.), Politician, Unionist, Journalist; Manley & Manley Consultants Ltd. Born: Kingston, Jamaica, December 10, 1924, son of Norman Washington Manley, National Hero and Edna Swithen Bant, Artist (both dec’d). Educated: Jamaica College, London School of Economics. Career: Trade Unionist. President, National Workers Union, Member of Parliament for Central Kingston 1967-83 and East Kingston and Port Royal 1989-92. President, People’s National Party 1969-92. Prime Minister of Jamaica 1972-80 and 1989-92. Awards: Order of Merit, Hon. Doctor of Laws, Rt. Honourable. Denomination: Methodist. Married: Patricia Glynn Jones April 12, 1992, two sons, three daughters (previous marriages). Club: Kingston Cricket. Address: 52-60 Grenada Crescent; Tel: 929-5125.

MARCH, Middleton Desmond Fleming, Retired Civil Servant. Organizations: Masonic Order. Born: Spanish Town, St. Catherine, October 12, 1929, son of Harold Desmond March, Mechanic, and Gladys March (both dec’d). Educated: Kingston Technical High School. Career: Temporary Clerk Trustee in Bankruptcy, Temporary Clerk, Third Class Clerk Colonial Secretary’s Office 1951-58; Clerical Officer I Establishment Branch – Ministry of Finance 1958-62. Administrative Officer II – Municipal and Parish Councils Services Commissions 1962-65, Administrative Officer I – Office of the Services Commissions 1965-68, Secretary Municipal and Parish Councils Services Commissions 1968-73, Assistant Under Secretary - Ministry of Agriculture 1973, Under Secretary Ministry of Local Government 1975-81, Director II 1981; Director II (S.M.G. II) – Ministry of Labour and the Public Service 1981-82, Director II (S.M.G. III) 1982-84; Acting Permanent Secretary (E.M.G. I) Ministry of National Security and Justice 1984. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Apolenia Demetrius, October 12, 1957; 2 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Reading. Address: (residence) 8 Toucan Close, Kingston 8

MARKS, Donald Jerome, Commissioned Land Surveyor; Principal, Donald J. Marks, Commissioned Surveyors since 1969. Past President, Land Surveyors Association of Jamaica. Born: Montego Bay, February 20, 1935; son of Albert Marks retired Businessman, and Mary Nicholson, Housewife. Educated: Montego Bay Boys’ School; St. James High School; Excelsior High School; Articled Studentship to Director of Surveys. Career: Civil Servant 1954-66; Company Surveyor to Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd. 1966-69; Private Practice 1969; Farmer since 1976. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Pansy Joyce Sylvester, August 1957; 2 sons, 2 daughters. Interests: Farming, Reading, Listening to Classical Music. Address: (business) 4 Altamont Terrace, Kingston 5; Tel. 929-6016; (residence)4B Widcombe Road, Kingston 6. Tel: 977-4960.

MARRIOTT, Louis Keith Maurice, Writer/Broadcaster. Member Performing Right Society, Jamaica Federation of Musician. Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, May 22, 1935, son of the late Egbert Marriott, Builder, and Edna Irene Thompson-Marriott. Educated: Jamaica College. Career: Editor Public Opinion 1960-62, Assistant Public Relations Officer – Ninth Central American and Caribbean Games (Kingston) 1962, Press Officer – 1st Jamaica Festival 1963, Deputy Editor of Publications – Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (C.P.A.) General Council (London) 1965-70, B.B.C. Radio Producer 1970-71, Director Jamaica Independence Festival (London) 1972, Press Secretary to Prime Minister of Jamaica 1973 and 1979-80, Assistant Director – National Literacy Programme Communications 1973-74, Director-General Information Incorporated 1974-76, Chief Organizer – Food and Drink ’75 Exhibition (National Arena) July 1975, Director Publications and Advertising Agency for Public Information 1976-79. Publications: Has written and produced radio programmes which have been broadcast throughout the English-speaking world. Author of syndicated articles appearing in some 200 English-Language newspapers and magazines throughout the world. Has written and directed for stage Public Mischief 1957, The Shepherd 1960 Phineas McUmbridge 1961, The Bathing of Reuben 1963, A Pack of Jokers 1978, More Jokers 1980, The New Jokers 1981, Playboy 1981, Pressure 1982, Office Chase 1982, How to Make Money 1983, Singer Man 1984, Bedward 1984, Women 1984, and Lovey 1985.,The Adventure of Charlie Greenhorne 1991, Funny Biz Niz 1992. Has been performing the one-man show – Over the Years since November 1985. Co-wrote One Stop Driver 1988 and Last of the Jokers 1988. Has written and produced numerous radio and television plays and documentary broadcast programmes and films. Wrote The University of Brixton radio drama series for BBC English by Radio 1970-71; Lectured widely in Britain on Commonwealth and Caribbean affairs 1965-72. Was Consultant/Advisor for several C.P.A. conferences in Caribbean and West Africa 1967-70. Married: Nadine Amelia Lazarus, July 23, 1964; 2 daughters. Interests: Sports, the Arts. Address: 2B Derrymore Road, Kingston 10. Tel. 968-3247/926-1384.

MARSH, Hon Robert Alfonso, Businessman; Director – Calypso Rafting Company Ltd., Suburban Construction Co. Ltd., Bobmar Construction Co. Ltd. Born: Claremont, St. Ann, August 2, 1941, son of Donald Lester Marsh and Beatrice Bingham-Marsh. Educated: Exchange Primary School, St. George’s College. Career: Radio Operator – Cable and Wireless 1959-61, Computer Programmer – Hentz & Co. (Wall Street) 1963-66, Communications Department – United Nations 1967-70. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Married: Millicent Edwards, January 13, 1965; 2 daughters. Interests: Scuba diving, Deep-sea fishing, Soccer, Cricket. Address: (business) P.O. Box 54, Ocho Rios. Tel. 974-2527; (residence) White River, P.O. Box 54, Ocho Rios.

MARSHALLECK, Edith Geraldine (Jean), C.D., B.A., M.A., Ed.D., Diploma and Higher Diploma in Education; Teacher. Organizations: Founding Member – Phi Delta Kappa (Berrien Springs Chapter), Board Member – J.A.M.A.L. Foundation, Project Analysis and Monitoring Company. Vice-President – Corporate Area Federation of Seventh Day Adventist Welfare Societies. Born: Darliston, Westmoreland, June 16, 1930, daughter of Beresford Charles Mullings, Businessman, and Hannah Irene Lumley-Mullings, Housewife. Educated: St. John’s Infant School, Beaufort and Enfield Primary Schools, Private Tuition, West Indies College, University of the West Indies, Oxford University, Andrews University (Michigan, U.S.A.). Career: Teacher Kingsway High School 1946-53, Acting Principal – Bahamas Academy 1957-58, Administrative Officer – Clerk to the Privy Council, Governor’s Secretary’s Office 1958-61. Budget Analyst and Administrative Officer 1961-74, Ministry of Finance/Ministry of Agriculture, Teacher Montego Bay High School 1967-68, Substitute Teacher (Michigan, U.S.A.) 1975-77, Educational Projects Co-ordinator – Ministry of Education 1978-80, Deputy Financial Secretary – Ministry of Finance 1981-86; Permanent Secretary, Ministry of the Public Service 1986-89.Permanent Secretary Ministry of Development, Production and Planning 1989-. Denomination: Seventh-Day Adventist. Married: Alton Brandis Marshalleck, January 12, 1964; 1 son, 1 daughter. Interests: Reading, Child rearing, Youth activities, Social work, Boating, Music, Cooking. Address: (residence) 22 Palmetto Avenue, Kingston 6.

MARTIN, Guy Murcott, B.Sc.E.E.; Engineer. Vice President Manufacturing, ICD since January 1992. Chairman Hofab Manufacturing Company Ltd., P.A. Benjamin Ltd., Butterkist Ltd. Director – ICD Group, Redimix Ltd.,Tropicair Ltd, Serge Island Dairies Ltd., Commercial Systems Ltd., Multicare Foundation, St. Patrick’s Foundation, The Priory School. Organizations: Director, Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association, Member, PSOJ Economic Policy Committee, Trade Facilitation Board and Garment Council. Born: Kingston, Jamaica November 5, 1958; son of the late Robert Martin, Businessman, and Nora Martin, Businesswoman. Educated: The Priory School; New Jersey Institute of Technology. Career: Technical Sales Representative, Deryck A. Gibson Ltd. 1981; Manager, Wisynco 1983; Operations Manager, Jamaica Fresh Produce Ltd. 1985; Group General Manager, C.M. Associates Ltd. 1985-90; Managing Director, Hofab Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 1990-91. Awards: Electrical Engineering Honours Society in University. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Bridget O’Brien, June 1985; 1 son, 1 daughter. Interests: Water Skiing, Tennis, Mountain Biking. Address: (business) ICD 7-9 Harbour Street, Kingston. Tel. 922-6670-9; (residence) 4 Ridge Way, Kingston 6.

MARTIN, L. Emile, J.P, M.B.I.M., F.B.I.M., Publisher/Writer. Managing Director Unlimited Exposures Ltd. since 1986. Organizations: Chairman Doctors Cave Bathing Club, Member Board of Governors Mt. Alvernia High School. Born: Kingston, Jamaica, son of Christophe Louis Martin and Sylvia Maud deSouza-Martin (both dec’d). Educated: Blake Preparatory; St. George’s College, Munro College. Career: Manager, Martins Tours & Travel Service 1950-57; Manager, Montego Bay Northcoast Area 1957-66; Vice President, Martins Jamaica 1966-71; Vice President American Express Division 1971-84; Project Manager, Unlimited Exposures Ltd. 1984-86. Awards: American Express Card Division Award for Excellence in salesmanship 1971, for Outstanding sales achievement Western Caribbean 1977; Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary Club of Montego Bay for outstanding service to the club; Certificate of appreciation, Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce in recognition of distinguished service. Chief Publications: City of Montego Bay, Dining out in Jamaica, Rotary Review, Diocese of Montego Bay, St. James Parish Church & Its Missions, Reflections on Jamaica’s Tourism, Jamaica’s Churches. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Married: Joan ‘Pinkie’ Wong-Ken, April 28, 1956; 2 daughters. Interests: Gardening, Music, Reading, Swimming. Club: Rotary Club Montego Bay - President 1967-68. Address: (business) 40 Union Street, Montego Bay, St James. Tel. 952-4506; (residence) ‘The Chalet’, Bogue, Montego Bay, St. James. Tel. 952-1276.

MARTIN, Norman Geoffrey, Chairman and Managing Director – K.I.W. Group of Companies since 1972, including Orbit Industries Ltd. Wire Fabrics Ltd., Jamaica Electroplating Co. Ltd., Kingston Metal Products Ltd., Builders’ Metal Hardware Ltd., Durable Products Ltd., K.I.W. Hardware Ltd. Chairman JamaicaRailway Corporation Hardware Bulk Purchasers Ltd. Organizations: Member Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association. Born: London, England, December 12, 1926, son of Norman William Martin. Educated: Raynes Park Grammar School. Career: Executive Trainee, Subsidiary Allied Navy 1944-47, Assistant Agent – Matthew Hall in Jamaica 1950-58, General Manager – K.I.W. Group of Companies 1951-72. Denomination: Church of England. Married: Myrna Patricia Toyloy, May 19, 1978, 3 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Chess, Dancing, Tennis, Snooker. Club: Liguanea. Address: 2 Ashenheim Road, Kingston 11. Tel. 923-4089.

MARTIN, Ruby Elizabeth, J.P.; Social Worker, Business Manager, Doctor’s Office. Past Director National Chorale, Fashion Awards Academy. Organizations: Honorary Member - Inner Wheel Club (St. Andrew Chapter), Life Member - Jamaica Horticultural Society and Cancer Society, Member, Jamaica Orchid Society. Board of Directors - Allsides Workshop, Jamaica Women’s League, Director & Chairman, Fund Raising, Ward Theatre Foundation, Chairman, Maxfield Park Children’s Home, Director, Foundnation for Children. Born: Port Antonio, Portland, November 18, 1936, daughter of Richard Alfred Williams and Margaret Barosa Williams, Housewife. Educated: St. Anthony’s Academy, Titchfield High School, Fitz Henley’s Commercial College. Career: Bank of Nova Scotia (Kingston, Jamaica), Imperial College of Science and Technology (London), Trinidad Guardian (Port-of-Spain, Trinidad), Macleods Ltd., (Winnipeg, Canada), Barclays Bank (Kingston, Jamaica). Denomination: Roman Catholic. Married: Dr. John A. Martin (dec’d) 1970; 1 son, 1 daughter (previous marriage). Interests: Gardening, Ikebana (Ohara School), Tennis, Badminton, Music, Golf, Cricket. Address: P.O.Box 300, Kingston 10.

MASON, Brian Ross, Cert. (Mgmt. Studies.), M.J.I.M., F.L.M.I., L.O.M.A (U.S.A.), Businessman/Consultant on information systems. Director, Marketing & Customer Support Dataprox Management & Information Systms Ltd. since 1990. Director, Caricom Information Systems Consultants Ltd., Dataprox Group Ltd., Empire Finance and Investment Ltd. Organizations: Jamaica Institute of Directors, J.C.C., P.S.O.J., Auditors Association of Jamaica, F.L.M.I. Institute of Jamaica. Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, son of the late George Mason, Accountant and Agnes Mason, Retired Teacher/Housewife. Educated: University of the West Indies. Career: Computer Operator, Ministry of Finance 1973-74; Programmer, Operation Supervisor, Desnoes & Geddes Ltd 1974-78; Systems Analyst, System Manager, CALICO 1978-82; Director – Technical Services Dataprox Computer System Ltd. 1981-90.Denomination: Baptist. Married: Kay Denton July 14, 1985, 2 sons. Interests: Cricket, reading. Club: Kiwanis Club of North St Andrew. Address: (business) 5 Old Stony Hill Road, Kingston 8. (residence) 76 Haining Cresent, Kingston 5.

MATALON, Aaron Joseph, LL.B. (Hons.) Business Executive and Company Director. Deputy Chairman - I.C.D. Group of Companies. Honorary Chairman Institute of Management & Production. Co-Founder/Chairman Commodity Service Co. Ltd. Director Jamaica Manufacturer Association Ltd. Organizations: Member United Congregation of Israelites, Mason (Sussex Lodge 554, P.M. 1960); Chairman Cultural Heritage Fund & Council, Member Institute of Jamaica, President Caribbean Resources Development Foundation, Chairman The Edna Manley Foundation, The Cultural Heritage Fund, First Vice Chairman The Council of the Institute of Jamaica. Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, October 30, 1919, son of Joseph Matalon, Merchant, and Florizel Henriques-Matalon (both dec’d). Educated: Jamaica College. Career: Sales Clerk, Justin McCarthy 1933-36; Salesman 1936-40; Assistant Manager 1940-44, Manager 1944-47 Matalon & Company; President, Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association1953-57, 1960-65; President Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce 1972-74; Co-Founder/Director West Indies Home Contractors Ltd 1959; Chairman, Things Jamaica Ltd 1964-73; Foundation Director/Deputy Chairman, ICD 1966; Chairman, Advisory Committee University Management Studies Programme 1970-80; Chairman University Appointments Placement Board 1970-80; President and Chief Executive Officer Industrial Commercial Development Ltd. 1975-84. Religion: Jewish. Married: Marjorie deMercado January 21, 1945; 1 son, 2 daughters. Interests: Fishing, Gardening. Club: Kingston Cricket. Address: (business) 7-9 Harbour Street, Kingston. Tel. 922-6670.

MATALON, Hon. Isaac Joseph, J.P.; Farmer, Company Director. Director Industrial Commercial Developments Ltd, Caribbean Brush Company Limited, Stanton Estates Limited, Developments Limited. Director and Chairman - Serge Island Dairies Limited. Organizations: St. Thomas Lodge E.C., Jamaica Legion (St. Thomas Branch). Born: Kingston, December 30, 1916; son of the late Joseph Isaac Matalon, Merchant, and Florizel Henriques-Matalon. Educated: Jamaica College, Munro College, American University of Beirut. Career: British Army, retiring with the Rank of Acting Major (General List) 1939-46; Director Seprod Limited, Jamaica Feeds Limited, Jamaica Detergent Limited, Jamaica Grains and Cereal Caribbean Products Limited 1952-86. Member St. Thomas Parish Council 1960-64, Member of the Senate 1967-72, Chairman Seprod Limited, Director Commodity Service Company Limited 1974-86. Former Custos Rotulorum for the Parish of St. Thomas. Religion: Jewish. Married: Evelyn Patricia Mordecai, August 29, 1946; 1 son, 3 daughters. Interests: Fishing. Club: Kingston Cricket. Address: (business) Caribbean Brush Company Limited, P.O. Box 53, Morant Bay P.O., St. Thomas. Tel. 982-2314; (residence) Stanton, P.O. Box 65, Morant Bay P.O.

MATALON, Eli Joseph, O.J.; Former Executive Chairman, P.C.J. since February 1989. Ambassador at Large, Office of the Prime Minister. Born: Jamaica, January 9, 1924; son of Joseph Matalon and Florizel Matalon (both dec’d). Educated: Kingston College. Career: F/O Pilot, RCAF - 6th Group Bomber Command; Mayor, K.S.A.C.; Minister of Education; Minister of National Security & Justice. Awards: Order of Jamaica.1975. Religion: Jewish. Married: Hilary Surridge, March 14, 1950, 3 sons, 2 daughters. Interests: Boating. Address: (business) 7 Harbour Street, Kingston.

MATALON, Joseph Arthur, B.A. (Econ); Company Director. Managing Director - West Indies Home Contractors Limited since 1980. Chairman, Metropolitan Parks & Markets, Ja. Developers Association. Director, Industrial Commercial Developments Limited, Prime Life Assurance Co., Matlaw Construction Limited, Matlaw-Kerr Developers, Construction & Dredging, Kingston Restoration Co., King’s House Foundation and Orange Park Foundation. Born: Kingston, December 14, 1945, son of Aaron J. Matalon, Company Director, and Marjorie Matalon. Educated: Jamaica College, Brandeis University (Massachusetts). Religion: Jewish. Married Patricia Jutan, April 29, 1989; 1 daughter (previous marriage). Interests: Boating, Sport fishing, Reading, Orchids. Club: Kingston Cricket. Address: (business) 7-9 Harbour Street, Kingston. Tel. 922-6670.

MATALON, Joseph Mayer, B.Sc. (Hons.) Econ. Business Executive, Financial Analyst, Company Director since 1983. Presently Executive Vice-President of the ICD Group of Companies. Chairman, Industrial Finance Holdings Ltd. and British Caribbean Insurance Co. Ltd.,Director, Commodity Service Co. Ltd., the Matalon Family Investments Holding Company, ICD Group and all its subsidiaries, The Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Ltd., Scotiabank Jamaica Trust & Merchant Bank Ltd., Telecommunications of Jamaica (an affiliate of Cable & Wireless PLC), The Gleaner Co. Ltd., the Institute of Management and Production. Trustee of the Pension Funds for ICD, Telecommunications of Jamaica and Bank of Nova Scoita Ja. Ltd. Member of the Investment Committee of the University of the West Indies. Organizations: Former Vice-President, Private Sector Organization of Jamaica. Born: Kingston, March 13, 1959, son of Mayer Matalon, Company Director, and Sarita Matalon, Housewife. Educated: Campion College; Dean Close School (Cheltenham, U.K.);London School of Economics. Career: Financial Controller, Imported Products Division, Aluminium Company of America, Droitwich (England) 1980-81; Financial Analyst (Brazilian Operation), Aluminium Company of America, Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) 1981-83; Vice- President, Finance ICD Group of Companies 1986-90. Religion: Jewish. Married: Tracey Melhado. 1 son, 1 daughter Interests: Horse-back Riding, Music, Reading. Club: Liguanea. Address: (business) 7-9 Harbour Street, Kingston. Tel. 922-6670-9; (residence) 15 Hyperion Avenue, Kingston 6.

MATALON, Hon. Mayer Michael, O.J.; Company Director. Chairman Industrial Commercial Developments Ltd., Telecommunications of Jamaica Ltd., National Investment Bank of Jamaica. Director P.A. Benjamin Company Ltd., Caribbean Brush Company Ltd., Development Properties Ltd. Chairman Facey Commodity Company Ltd., G.I. Industries Ltd., Home Appliances Finance Corp., Industrial Commercial Developments (Trinidad), Painters & Decorators Ltd., Redimix Concrete Ltd., Tropicair Jalousies Ltd., Consolidated Appliances Ltd., Bank of Nova Scotia (Ja.), Western Terminals Ltd., Sceptre Trust Ltd., Jamaica National Mortgage Association Ltd. Served as Ambassador for Special Missions (Jamaica). Organizations: Master Mason, Sussex Lodge, West Indian Committee (London), Jamaica Race Horse Owners’ Association, United Congregation of Israelities. Born: Kingston, March 3, 1922, son of the late Joseph Matalon and Florizel Madge Henriques-Matalon Educated: Jamaica College. Religion: Jewish. Married: Sarita; 1 son, 4 daughters. Clubs: Liguanea, Kingston Cricket, Jockey. Address: (business) 7-9 Harbour Street, Kingston; (residence) 12 Long Lane, Kingston 8.

MATALON, Owen Joseph, Mechanical Engineer, Company Director. Director Redimix Concrete Ltd. Director Industrial Commercial Developments Ltd., Construction and Dredging Ltd. Portmore Land Development Ltd. Commodity Service Co. (Ja.) Ltd., W.I. Home Contractors Ltd., Foreshore Successors Ltd., Jamaica National Mortgage Association Ltd. Born: Kingston, March 28, 1930, son of the late Joseph Matalon, Merchant, and Florizel Henriques-Matalon. Educated: Munro College, Jamaica College. Career: Has been involved in family business since 1948. Religion: Jewish. Married: Esperanza Fisher, March 20, 1955, 2 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Boating, Fishing. Address: (business) 7-9 Harbour Street, Kingston. Tel. 922-6670; (residence) 19 Beverly Drive, Kingston 8.

MATALON, Paul Richard, B.Sc.; Company Executive. Director, Industrial Commercial Developments Limited and Avis Rent-a-Car, Born: November 24, 1951, son of Eli Matalon and Hillary Matalon, Housewife. Educated: Kingston College, Vanderbilt University. Career: Operations Manager, Managing Director – Redimix Concrete Limited. Religion: Jewish . Married: Michele Plant; 1 son, 1 daughter. Interests: Fishing, Bird shooting. Clubs: Monymusk Gun, Jamaica Gun, Jackson Bay Gun and Fishing, P.W.D. Gun and Sporting. Address: (business) Industrial Commercial Development Limited, 7-9 Harbour Street, Kingston.Tel. 922-6670.

MATALON, Vernon Carl, Company Director. President Industrial Commercial Developments Limited, Chairman Tropicair Jalousies Limited; Director United Motors Limited, Commodity Service Company Limited, Western Storage Limited, Hofab LImited, P.A. Benjamin Company Limited, G.I. Industries Limited. Born: July 16, son of the late Joseph Matalon and Florizel Madge Henriques-Matalon. Educated: Munro College. Religion: Jewish. Married: Barbara Ann Kerr, March 25, 1962; 4 daughters. Interests: Horse-racing, Shooting, Fishing. Clubs: Caymanas Golf, Jockey, Constant Spring Golf, Jamaica Skeet. Address: (business) 7-9 Harbour Street, Kingston. Tel. 922-6670; (residence) 12 1/2 Long Lane, Kingston 8.

MATROSS-McINTOSH, Vincent Clayton, O.D., F. Inst. D.; Journalist, Company Director. President, Montrose Laboratories Ltd. and Montrose Corporate Consultations Ltd. (Consultant to Sterling Drug International Ltd, Windsor Laboratories Ltd., etc.). President, Caribbean Confederation of Shippers’ Councils; Chairman, Jamaica Shippers’ Council; Director, Jamaica Manufacturers Association and Chairman of its Chemical, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Group; Jamaica/Western New York Partners, Fairshare Ltd. (Coconut Park), Bel Carina Ltd. Organizations: Past President Jamaica Red Cross Society and Member of its Central Committee; Chairman, Hyacinth Lightbourne Visiting Nursing Service, Farquharson Institute of Public Affairs; Rental Support Group (KPH and UHWI); Past Master, Friendly Lodge No. 239 (E.C.). Born: Kingston, September 2, 1932, son of the late V.F.M. McIntosh, Civil Servant, and Mrs. E.M.N. Nelson. Educated: St. Francis School; Kingston Technical High School; Private Tuition. Career: Former Director and Deputy General Manager, Sterling Drug International/Winthrop Pharmaceuticals - Jamaica; For many years Assistant to Publisher of West Indian Sportsman; wrote and voiced 30-minute radio programme “Sportslife” and a 5-minute programme “Sportsgreats” (produced by Alan Keyes) - broadcast on R.J.R. and J.B.C. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Married: Paulette A. Davis, June 1969, 2 daughters. Clubs: Liguanea, Constant Spring Golf, Rotary of Kingston, Jamaica. Address: (business) 1D-1E Braemar Avenue, P.O. Box 28, Kingston 5.

MATTIS, Oswald Canute, F.I. Struct.E., M.J.I.E.; Assoc. of Consulting Eng.; Structural Engineer; Partner/Director, Mattis Demain Beckford & Assoc. Ltd. since 1969. Organizations: Representative, Institute of Structural Engineers (Jamaica). Born: Kingston, Jamaica June 8, 1930; son of the late Gethirum Huskin Mattis, Machinist, and Linda Victoria, Housewife. Education: Kingston Technical High School; Westminster Technical College (Lon.); Brixton School of Building. Career: Structural Engineer, Tad Smith Ltd. 1950-58; Norman & Dawbarn (U.K.) 1956-57; H.L. Waterman & Partners (U.K.) 1958-59. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Gloria Elaine, March 3, 1956; 4 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Woodworking, Reading. Address: (business) 2A Hillview Avenue, Kingston 10. Tel. 926-1150-1; (residence) 11 Havenmead, Kingston 19.

MAXWELL, Claudette Angella, B.Sc.(Hons.), M.Sc. Acctg.; M.J.I.M., M.I.C.A.J., M.J.I.B.; Chartered Accountant; Director, Finance & Planning, Corporate Group; Director Carib Engineering Corporation Ltd. Born: Hanover, Jamaica, February 6, 1957; daughter of Gladstone Whitelocke, Agriculturalist, and Myrtle Whitelocke, Housewife. Educated: St. Andrew High School; University of the West Indies. Career: National Sugar Co. Ltd. 1981-82; Audit Senior, Touche Ross Thorburne 1982-84; Chief Accountant, Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation 1984-85; Senior Consultant, KPGM Peat Marwick 1985-88. Director, Finance & Investment, Workers Savings & Loan Bank 1988-91. Awards: Vernon Tate Scholarship. Denomination: Anglican. Married: S. Maxwell, June 28, 1980; 1 daughter. Interests: Reading, Badminton, Cycling, Fishing. Address: (business) Corporate Group, 28-48 Barbados Avenue, Kingston 5; Tel. 926-3180/1.

McCALLUM, Michael, O.D.; Professional Boxer (Middleweight). Career: Began boxing at age 16, training under Austin Taffe. First represented Jamaica at the Central American and Caribbean Championships in Mexico 1973, where he won a Bronze medal. Won Silver medal in the C.A.C. games in Santo Domingo 1974, and in the same year represented Jamaica at the first World Boxing Championships, reaching the quarter finals. Wore Jamaica’s colours at the Florida-Caribbean “Golden Gloves” Championships in Miami, the North American Golden Gloves Tournament, the C.A.C.A. Championships in Guatemala (won Gold medal), and at the Pan-Am Games in Mexico 1974. Won Silver medal in North American Continental Boxing Championships 1975, and at Pan American Games in Puerto Rico. Won Gold medals in the Cuba/Jamaica boxing tournament, Florida Golden Glove championships 1976. Won South East Tennessee welter-weight title – U.S.A. National Golden Glove Championship 1977. Won gold medals in several championships, including Central American and Caribbean Games in Medellin, Colombia and the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton (Canada) 1978. Former Welter-weight Champion of Jamaica, Central America and the Caribbean, Florida State, U.S.A. “Golden Gloves” and U.S.A. Welter-weight Championships. Won Gold and Silver medals in all major amateur tournaments throughout the world, except in the Olympic Games. Represented Jamaica in the Montreal Olympic Games 1979, World Boxing Association Champion defeated Sean Mannion 1984; defended title successfully against Luigi Michillo, David Braxton, Julian Jackson, Said Skouma. 1994 WBC Light Heavyweight Boxing Title. Awards: Carreras Sportsman of the Year Award 1979, 1985, 1986, 1993 and 1994. Address: 630 Ocean Avenue, Apt 9H, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11226. U.S.A.

McCORMACK, Marjorie T., Company Secretary, E. A. Issa & Bros. Ltd. Director, Issa Foundation & Issa Trust Fund Ltd., VOUCH, Alpha Boys’ School & Home, Advertisers Association of Jamaica. Organizations: Jamaica Chamber of Commerce Business Advisory & Membership Committee, American Chamber of Commerce of Jamaica Trade & Industry Committee, Issa Scholarship Selection Committee, Founding member, Jamaica Conference of Foundations & Corporate

Donors. Born: Kingston, Jamaica, March 29; daughter of the late Wesley Keating, Businessman, and Inez Keating. Educated: Alpha Academy. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Children: 2 sons, 2 daughters. Interests: travelling, walking, reading and playing darts. Represented Jamaica in the Caribbean Dart Tournament held in Bermuda (1986) and won the Ladies Doubles, Terminator Dart Team. Address: (business) 53 South Camp Road, Kingston 4. Tel: 928-2929.

McCONNELL, David Frederick. Agriculturist. Member Committee of Management, United Estates Ltd., since 1982. Organisations: Director, Worthy Park Estates Ltd. Born: Montego Bay. September 10, 1938, son of Dermot George McConnell, Agriculturist, and Nora May McConnell, Housewife. (both dec’d). Educated: Munro College, Millfield School, U.K. Career: Wakefield Farms Ltd., 1957-82. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Fay Shannon January 1961, 1 son, 2 daughters. Interests: Outdoor Sports. Clubs: Kingston Cricket, Jackson Bay Gun & Trelawny Gun. Address : (business) United Estates Ltd., Bog Walk P.O., St. Catherine.

McCONNELL, Peter Dermot, J.P., C.D.; Farmer, Managing Director, Worthy Park (Farms) Ltd. since 1972. Chairman United Estates Ltd. Director Dyoll Group Ltd., Sugar Manufacturing Corp. of Ja. Ltd., Sugar Producers’ Federation, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Ja. Ltd. Born: St. James, December 12, 1940, son of Dermot George McConnell, Farmer, and Nora May Clarke-McConnell (both dec’d). Educated: Munro College, Millifield College, McDonald University. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Mary Joan Desnoes, September 7, 1963; 3 daughters. Interests: Shooting, Fishing. Clubs: Jamaica, Kingston Cricket, Skeet. Address: Worthy Park Estate, Ewarton P.O. St. Catherine. Tel. 997-8000.

McCONNELL, Stuart Phillip. Company Director. Managing Director, United Estates Ltd. since 1982. Organisations: Director, United Estates Ltd., Worthy Park Estate Ltd. Born: St. Andrew June 6, 1947. Educated: Decarteret College. Career: Worthy Park Estates Ltd., 1971-82. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Denise McDonald in 1973, 2 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Fishing, Shooting. Clubs: Jamaica, Jamaica Gun, Monymusk Gun, Rod & Tiller. Address: (business & residence) United Estates Ltd., Bog Walk P.O.

McCONNELL, William Anthony, C.A., J.P.; Company Director. Managing Director Lascelles de Mercado & Company Ltd. and Wray & Nephew Group Ltd. Director J. Wray & Nephew Ltd., Edwin Charley (Jamaica) Ltd., Rum Company (Jamaica) Ltd., Newton Cane Farms Ltd., Jamaica Estate Tours Ltd., New Yarmouth Ltd., New Yarmouth Holdings Ltd., Henriques Brothers Ltd., Daniel Finzi & Co. (Succ.) Ltd., Jamaica Joint Venture Ltd., Bank of Nova Scotia (Ja.) Ltd., Scotiabank Jamaica Trust & Merchant Bank Ltd., Ajas Ltd., Transportation Agencies Ltd., C.P. Stephenson Ltd., West Indies Glass Ltd., West Indies Metal Products Ltd., Plastic Containers Ltd., Spirits Pool Association of Jamaica, Caribbean Molasses Ltd., Jamaica Rum & Spirits Trade Association, Federated Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Lascelles Laboratories Ltd., Globe Insurance Co. of the West Indies, G W I Insurance Services Ltd., Jamaica Observer Ltd., University Hospital of the West Indies Private Wing Ltd., Kingston Wharves Ltd., Vice-President Private Sector Organization of Jamaica. Born: Montego Bay, February 20, 1947, son of the late David Charles McConnell and Elizabeth Charley-McConnell. Educated: DeCarteret School; Munro College; Dean Close School (U.K.); McGill University (Canada) . Career: Price Waterhouse (Montreal, Canada); Touche Ross Thorburn (Kingston). Denomination: Anglican. Married: Patricia Dawn Henriques 1972; 1 son, 1 daughter. Interests: Tennis, Golf, Shooting. Clubs: Constant Spring Golf, Liguanea, Caymanas Golf, Trelawny Gun, Kingston Cricket. Address: (business) 234 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11; (residence) 1 Mark Way Crescent, Kingston 8.

McCOY, Terence Sherwood, B.A., M.B.A., F.I.C.B., C.S.C. Banker. AGM & Manager, Corporate Banking Centre, Bank of Nova Scotia Ja. Ltd., since July 1993. Organisations: Director, Sigma Investment Management Systems Ltd., International Insurance Brokers, Scotia Jamaica Building Society. Born: Washington D.C., U.S.A. August 10, 1946, son of Thomas Rodney McCoy, retired, and Elizabeth Maude McCoy, Retired Nurse. Educated: Royal Military College, Kingston Ont. Canada, University of Western Ontario, Institute of Canadian Bankers, Canadian Securities Course. Career: Artillery Lieutenant/Captian, Canadian Armed Forces 1968-73. Awards: Prize for Military Studies, Canadian Military College, St. Jean Quebec, Canada 1965. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Rosalind Shun-Yu Lau December 11, 1993, 1 daughter. Interests: Golf, Squash, Tennis, Swimming & Jogging. Clubs: Jamaica, Liguanea, Caymanas Golf and Constant Spring Golf. Address: (business) 2nd fl. Scotiabank Centre, Corner Duke & Port Royal Streets, Kingston. (residence) Unit 10, 69 Shortwood Road, Kingston 8.

McCULLOCH, Cedric Seymour, B.Sc., M.A.; Sociologist, ILO Adviser since August 1987. Senior Specialist Co-operative Development of Vocational Training since January 1994. Vice-President of the International Vocational Education and Training Association (for Latin America and the Caribbean). Born: Georges Plain, Westmoreland, July 28, 1938, son of Roland McCulloch, Factory Foreman, and Merilda Eugenie Armstrong-McCulloch (both dec’d). Educated: Knockalva Agricultural School, Jamaica School of Agriculture, University of Illinois (U.S.A.). Career: Specialist in Evaluation of Agricultural Extension Programme –Ministry of Agriculture and Lands 1965-69, Rural Sociologist – Ministry of Rural Land Development 1969-72. Assistant Under Secretary – Bureau of Regional Affairs, Office Co-operative Development Centre 1975-79, Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Youth and Community Development 1979-86. Publications: Some ideas on the Sociology of Small Farming in Jamaica, Proceedings of the Fifth West Indian Agricultural Economic Conference. The University of the West Indies St. Augustine, Trinidad, 1979. Carole Pina and Cedric McCulloch, Rural Sociological Study of The Pedro Plains, St. Elizabeth Jamaica, Appraisal Report A.F.L. S.F./J.A.M. 3. United Nations Development Programme, F.A.O./U.N., Rome 1971, Sociological Study in the Martha Brae Valley, Trelawny, Jamaica, Appraisal Report A.G.L./S.F./J.A.M. 3 United Nations Development Programme, F.A.O./U.N., Rome 1971. Planning for the Total Development of our Resources, Journal of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, Vol. LXXV11, 1972; Participation and Development at Grass Root Levels, Journal of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, Vol. LXXIX, 1974; The J.A.S. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Journal of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, Vol. LXXXIX. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Sonia Elice Henderson, August 15, 1970; 2 daughters. Interests: Athletics. (Inter-Collegiate Champion 1958-60. Represented Jamaica in the West Indies Championships 1960). Cricket. Address: (business) 11 St. Clair Avenue, Port of Spain, Trinidad; (residence) 31 Banana Walk, Orange Grove, St. Andrew.

McDONALD, Leford Errington, J.P., B.Ed., D.A.S.E.; Teacher, Principal Claremont All-Age School since 1973; Lay Preacher, Anglican Church. Organizations: Chairman Claremont P.C. (Farmers) Bank, Chairman Claremont Cultural Committee, Vice-Chairman Claremont Branch Library C’ttee., Director Kiwanis Club,Member Jamaica Teachers’ Association. Born: Swift River, Portland, October 15, 1938, son of Leonard McDonald, Ex-Policeman, and Lolitha Grant-McDonald (both dec’d). Educated: Primary School and Private Tuition, Mico Teacher’s College, Edge Hill College, Lancaster University (England), University of the West Indies. Career: Agricultural Science Teacher (Wilmington, St. Thomas) 1960; Teacher Rock River Primary School (Clarendon) 1963; Principal Fairfield School (Portland) 1966; Election Clerk North West St Andrew 1967-68; Vice-Principal, May Pen Secondary School 1969; Territorial Education Officer, (Trelawny) 1977, (Secondment). Census Supervisor, St Ann 1991. Awards: Certificate in Education Scholarship 1965, Bachelor of Education Scholarship 1967, Commonwealth Fellowship 1980. Publications: Torch (Journal of Min. of Education) Learning English by Purposeful Talk across the Curriculum at Claremont Primary (1994). Denomination: Anglican. Married: Eulalee Delores Burrell, August 2, 1969; 2 sons. Interests: Reading, Gardening. Club: Kiwanis. Address: (business) Claremont All-Age School, Claremont P.O., St. Ann; (residence) Lot 117, Hopewell Gardens, Discovery Bay, St. Ann.

McDONALD, Robert Anthony, B.Sc., M.B.A.; Managing Director, Export & Overseas Operations, Grace Kennedy & Co. (Export) since 1988. Director, Grace Kennedy Export Trading Co., G.F.P. Canning Ltd. Organizations: Member, Jamaica Institute of Management 1987; Vice-President Jamaica Export Association 1990. Born: Kingston, November 29, 1954; son of the late Oswald L. McDonald and Daphne R. McDonald, Accounting Clerk. Educated: Vaz Preparatory School; Jamaica College; University of the West Indies; Rutgers University. Career: Chief Chemist, Caribbean, Colgate Palmolive Co. 1978-80; Corporate Planning Analyst, Grace Kennedy & Co. 1982-83; Operations Manager/General Manager, Grace Kennedy & Co. (Exports) 1983-88. Awards: Englehard Scholarship, Rutgers Univ. (U.S.A.) Denomination: Protestant. Married: Marcia Dianne Abrahams, November 19, 1988, 2 daughters. Interests: Fishing, Swimming, Bridge, International Cuisine. Address: (business) 4 St. Lucia Avenue, Kingston 5; (residence) 9 North Widcombe Heights, Kingston 6. Motto: Never Say Die.

McDONALD, Serrano Ramon, Printer. Former Managing Director, Montrose Printery Ltd. since 1968. Director Montrose Printery Ltd., Bookbinding Specialist Ltd. Organizations: President MasterPrinters Association, Executive member Book Industry Association of Jamaica, NACOLAIS. Born: Kingston, Jamaica, February 20, 1941, son of Hawley Montrose McDonald, Printer, and Edith McDonald (both dec’d). Educated: Kingston College, London School of Printing. Career: Consultation in Paper Management. Montrose Printery 1959; Managing Director Montrose Printery 1968. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Beverley Grey, May 31, 1980, 2 sons, 6 daughters. Address: (residence) 17 East Great House Circle, Kingston 19.

McDONNOUGH, Lorne Theodore, M.B.A., B.B.A. (Mktg.), Career Diplomat. Deputy Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the Organization of American States since September 92. Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, April 13, 1951, son of the late L.T. McDonnough, Veterinary Doctor, and Audrey McDonnough. Educated: Jamaica College, Excelsior High School; George Washington University, Johns Hopkins University. Career: Attache Permanent Mission of Jamaica to the United Nations 1975-77; Desk Officer, EEC 1977-79; First Secretary, Jamaican Embassy in Washington D.C.1979-82; Counsellor, OAS Mission 1982-85; Deputy High Commissioner, Trinidad & Tobago 1985-89; Deputy Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1989-91; Director, Africa & Middle Eastern Department, January – April 1992; Director, Multilateral Organizations Department, May – August 1992. Denomination: United Church. Married: Annette Long, July 24, 1974; 2 daughters. Interest: Squash, Gardening. Address: (business) 85 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5.

McDOWELL, Dr. John Edison, O.D., B.D.S., J.P.; Dental Surgeon. Private Practitioner since 1959. Chairman Bellamour Ltd. Organizations: Area Director and Chairman, St. John Ambulance North East, Chairman Ocho Rios Primary School Board, Director, St. Ann Environment Protection Assn. Member, St. Ann Crime Stop Committee. Member Jamaica Dental Association; Director, St. Ann Chamber of Commerce. Born: Kingston, November 9, 1923, son of Alfred J. McDowell, Electrician, and Iris Florence Murray-McDowell (both dec’d). Educated: Cornwall and St. Simon’s Colleges; Heriot Watt College (Edinburgh); Edinburgh University. Career: Medical Lab. Technician, Govt. of Ja. 1945-51; Dental Practice in Harrow (Middlesex, England) 1957-58; Govt. Dental Officer, Kingston Public Hospital 1958-59; Private Practice (Ocho Rios) 1959-present. Denomination: Presbyterian. Married: Margaret Lillian, June 3, 1989; 1 son, 1 daughter. Interests: Gardening, art collecting, clay modelling, Listening to music. Clubs: Kiwanis of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Address: (business) P.O. Box 31, Ocho Rios. Tel. 974-2565; (residence) P.O. Box 31, Danian Heights, Ocho Rios.

McFARLANE, Carmen Pearl, C.D., B.A., M.Sc. (Econ.); Statistician. Retired Director General Statistical Institute of Jamaica since 1984. Organizations: Vice-President and Member Executive Committee - Inter-American Statistical Institute. Member of the Advisory Committee on Post Adjustment Questions of the International Civil Service Association. Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, daughter of the late Arnold Crarey, Public Health Inspector and Farmer, and Violet Rosemond, Bell-Crarey. Educated: Merl Grove High School, University of the West Indies. Career: Department of Statistics 1953, Director of Statistics 1971-84. Consultant to the United Nations in the field of Statistics 1978-80. Publications: Employment and Earnings in large Establishment, 1957-62 – Dep. of Statistics 1964. Industrial Activity Mining, Manufacture, Construction 1960, Sample Design – Continuous Social and Demographic Survey (co-author) Dept. of Statistics 1968; The Employment Situation in the Over-populated Territories in the Commonwealth Caribbean, Human Resources in the Commonwealth Caribbean, ed. Jack Harewood 1972; “Report on Fact Finding Mission on the needs for Training Statistical Personnel in the C.A.R.I.C.O.M. Region”, prepared for U.N.D.P. 1979, Training for household surveys in developing countries with special reference to the United Nations; National Household Capability Programme – Prepared for U.N. Statistical Officer, restricted circulation, 1981. Various regular publications of the Dept. of Statistics, Jamaica. Denomination: Methodist. Married: Dennis H.C. McFarlane, July 1, 1959. Interests: Reading, Sewing, Travelling.

McFARLANE-COKE, Daisy May, C.D., B.A., M.A., Cert. in Stat., F.I.A., A.S.A., Actuary, Senior Partner Coke & Associates since January 1978. Deputy Chairman Eagle Merchant Bank (Ja.) Ltd.; and First Equity Corporation of Florida; Director, Crown Eagle Life Insurance Co., National Insurance Fund, Eagle Permanent Building Society, Chairman, Public Services Commission, Alternate Director Trafalgar Development Bank. Member, Jamaica Defence Force Commission Board, and Judicial Service Commission. Organizations: President, The Caribbean Actuarial Association; Member International Association of Consulting Actuaries, International Actuarial Association, Private Sector Organization of Jamaica. Fellow of The Institute of Actuaries, Jamaican Institute of Management, Institute of Management Consultants of Jamaica Born: Spauldings, Clarendon, October 15, 1937, daughter of Allan J. McFarlane, Farmer, and Murtella M. McPherson-McFarlane, Housewife, (dec’d). Educated: Spaldings Primary School; Happy Grove High School; St. Hugh’s High School; University of the West Indies; University of Toronto; Oxford University; Institute of Actuaries (U.K.). Career: Maths Teacher, Happy Grove High School 1956; Assistant Lecturer, Maths. Dept. U.W.I. 1959-60; Administrative Officer, Ministry of Finance & Planning 1962-70; On Secondment to Government Acturary’s Dept. London 1963-69 and to the Norwich Union Life Insurance Society, Norwich, England 1969-70; Government Actuary, Ministry of Finance and Planning 1970-72; Resident Partner, Bacon Woodrow and deSouza (Consulting Actuaries) 1972-77; Vice-President (Finance & Actuarial), Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Society 1977-80. Appointed by Ministry of Labour, as Sole Enquirer into the Solvency & Financial Viability of Superannuation Schemes established in Jamaica (1980) and Chairman, Committee appointed by Minister of Finance, to review the operations of the Bank of Jamaica (1994). Awards: St. Hugh’s High School presented Fifth St. Hugh’s Past Students’ Award for Excellence. Woman of Distinction Award in Finance 1985. Married: Astley H.R. Coke, January 13, 1968; 2 sons. Interests: Finance & International Business, Meeting people, Music, Sewing, Reading. Address: (business) Coke & Associates, 60 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 10. Tel. 927-4329, (Fax) 927-8366; (residence) 13 Glenalmond Drive, Kingston 8.

McGANN, Lolita Gabriella, Hotel Manageress. General Manager Doctor’s Cave Beach Hotel since 1971. Director North Coast Resorts Ltd., Summit Hotel, Doctor’s Cave Beach Hotel Ltd., Resorts Development, Jamaica Tourist Licencing Committee, Montego Bay Pride. Member Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association. Born: Montego Bay, Jamaica, July 21, 1943, daughter of Abez Mogilensky, Businessman, and Laurietta Crooks-Mogilensky. Educated: Montego Bay High School. Career: Bank Officer, General Manager Summit Hotel. Denomination: Anglican. Children:1 son, 1 daughter. Interests: Swimming, Tennis, Coin collecting. Clubs: Montego Bay Yacht, Montego Bay Racquet. Address: Doctor’s Cave Beach Hotel, P.O. Box 94, Montego Bay. Tel. 952-4355.

McGANN, Patrick Robert A, Hotelier. Managing Director – North Coast Resorts Ltd. since 1971. Director Doctor’s Cave Beach Hotel Ltd., Summit Hotel Ltd. Organizations: Chairman Tourism Committee, Airport Authorities of Jamaica. Director Montego Bay Advisory Committee – U.D.C. Director Doctor’s Cave Bathing Club 1978-80, Montego Freeport Ltd., Northwest Marketing. President Montego Bay Lawn Tennis Assn. Born: St. Thomas, January 24, 1941, son of George McGann, Farmer, and Gladys Neil-McGann. Educated: Cornwall College. Career: Senior Official – Barclays Bank 1960-68, Life Underwriter – Dominion Life Assurance Co. 1968-73, Hotel Owner/Manager 1971. Awards: Golden Helm Tourism International Award 1981. Denomination: Moravian. Children: 2 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Cricket, Soccer, Table tennis. Clubs: Montego Bay Yacht, Doctor’s Cave Bathing. Address: P.O. Box 94, Montego Bay. Tel. 952-4355.

McGHIE, Owen Carl, Chartered Life Underwriter, chartered Financial Consultant, Executive Marketing Manager. Executive Training Manager, Jamaica Mutual Life Insurance 1991-94. Director Insurance Co-op Credit Union. Born: St. Ann, Jamaica, August 10, 1950, son of Herbert George McGhie, Policeman, and Olive McGhie, Seamstress. Educated: Dinthill High, College of Arts, Science and Technology. Career: Alcan Jamaica Limited; Started as Salesman 1976 at Jamaica Mutual Life Insurance then moved into Administration in 1985. Award: Million Dollar Round Table 1985. Married: Esther Patricia Johnson, June 9, 1984; 4 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Golf, Jogging, Tennis, Listening to music. Club: Constant Spring Golf. Address: (business) 2 Oxford Road, Kingston 5. Tel: 926-9024; (residence) 8 Heathwood Drive, Kingston 8.

McGOWAN, Monica Maud, Educator. Physical Education and Dance Teacher since 1968, Senior Teacher since 1978. Director and Principal Teacher, Holy Childhood Ballet School. Ballet Teacher, Jamaica School of Dance. Founding member and principal Dancer, National Dance Theatre Co. of Jamaica. Committee Member of the Dance Teachers’ Association of Haiti, Member of the Cecchetti Council of America and Representive for the Caribbean. Born: Kingston, Jamaica, May 22, daughter of the late Vernon McGowan, Piano Technician and Organ Builder, and Hilda M. Fagon-McGowan, retired Geriatric Nurse. Educated: Holy Childhood High School; Soohih School of Ballet; Dance Theatre of Harlem N.Y.; Martha Graham N.Y; Dance Art School Boca Raton & Michigan , State University U.S.A. Career: Director and Principal Teacher, Holy Childhood Ballet School; Ballet Teacher, Jamaica School of Dance; Founding Member and Principal Dancer, National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica (N.D.T.C). Toured with N.D.T.C.: U.S.A., Canada, Germany, England, Australia, The Soviet Union, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and other Caribbean Territories; Professional Dance Tutor, Cecchetti method of Classical Ballet; Guest Tutor, Michigan University 1990. Guest Appearances: Little Theatre Movement Shakespeare Productions, Choreography: Studio Concerts: Holy Childhood Ballet School, Carifesta Celebration, Kingston One Hundred Celebration, local shows, musicals, children operettas and plays. Dance Adjudicator for Festival, Twenty years of voluntary service to the Junior Centre Creative Dance Group (Half Way Tree), Institute of Jamaica, and many other organizations and schools. Tutor of the Junior Centre Creative Dance Group. Awards: Institute of Jamaica Centenary Medal for Dance and Drama 1979, Soohih Dance Award, Teachers’ Bursary to U.W.I. Summer School Dance Course, Dance Caravan Teachers’ Certificate of Merit (U.S.A.), 20th Anniversary Award N.D.T.C. 1982. Interests: Painting, Music, Sewing, Cooking. Club: Caribbean British. Address: (business) Holy Childhood Prep. School, P.O. Box 35, Kingston 10; (residence) 3 Wickham Ave., Kingston 8.

McHARDY, John Allwood, C.D., M.B., B. Chir. F.R.C.S.(Edinburgh) F.R.C.S. (England); Consultant Neurosurgeon at Kingston Public Hospital since 1990. Organizations: Member, Medical Association of Jamaica and the Association of Surgeons in Jamaica . Born: St. James, Jamaica, August 24, 1926, son of Nathan Ralph McHardy, Asst. Commissioner of Lands, and Melaine Estelle Baugh-McHardy, housewife (both dec’d) Educated: Mt. Alvernia; Cornwall College; Jamaica College; Cambridge University. Career: Teacher DeCarteret and Cornwall College 1944-46, Medical Officer Jamaica Government 1952-59. Registrar, neurosurgery – National Hospital for Nervous Diseases (Maida Vale, London), and South East Regional Neurosurgical Centre (London) 1964-66. Consultant Neurosurgeon – Kingston Public Hospital 1967, Senior Medical Officer – K.P.H. 1974, Principal Medical Officer - Ministry of Health 1977, Chief Medical Officer Ministry of Health 1981-88, Technical Advisor Major Projects Ministry of Health since 1988. Awards: SMOKPH’S Award (1994), Association of Surgeons in Jamaica Award (1995). Denomination: Anglican. Interests: Tennis, Reading, Theatre. Address: (business) 10 Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5. Tel. 929-8160; (residence) Box 157, 3 Shenstone Drive, Kingston 6 Tel: 978-4988.

McINTYRE, Ceceline Maysotha Westbrook, O.D., Hotelier. Co-Managing Director, Mandeville Hotel (1986) Ltd, Marmak Ltd, Wardlands Ltd, McIntyre Enterprises Ltd. Organizations: Chairman Anglican Women’s Auxillary (Mandeville), Vice-Chairman Church Teachers’ College; Co-founder, Clifton Boy’s Home & SWA Craft Centre. Born: St. Elizabeth, April 16, 1919, daughter Joseph Samuel Shaw, Businessman and Property Owner, and Edith Rebecca Hastings-Shaw. (both dec’d). Educated: Manchester HighSchool; Rusea’s Secondary School. Career: Steno-typist, Hendricks & Co. Black River; Accountant Blake House Montego Bay; Proprietress Cupid Dress Shop (Savanna-la-Mar); Insurance Underwriter, National Life; Hotelier since 1949. Awards: Tourist Board Award for outstanding Hotelier 1988; Soroptimist International Stella Gregory Award for execellent community service 1990. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Mark Hamilton Conway McIntyre, November 5, 1938; 3 sons, 2 daughters. Interests: Music, Reading, Sewing, Cooking, Interested in community projects to help young people and family life within the church. Club: Soroptimist International Address: (business) c/o Mandeville Hotel, 4 Hotel Street, P.O. Box 78, Mandeville. Tel.962-2460/2138; (residence) “La Loma”, Old Greenvale Road, P.O. Box 78, Mandeville. Tel. 962-2521.

McINTYRE, Mark Hamilton Conway, Hotelier. Financial Controller and Company Director since 1970. Co-Managing Director - Mandeville Hotel 1986 Ltd., Director Negril Sands Ltd., Marmak Ltd. Organizations: Member Jamaica Agricultural Society, Co-Founder Clifton Boys’ Home (Darliston) Member Nuttall Memorial Hospital Trust Ltd.; Past District Grand Warden of Dist. Grand Lodge Ja. (English Constitution). Born: Westmoreland, Jamaica, May 6, 1916, son of John Allister McIntyre, General Merchant and Landed Proprietor, and Lillia M. Turner-McIntyre (both dec’d). Educated: Darliston High School, Conversorium and Private Tuition, Rapid Results College Correspondence Course (England). Career: Field Book-keeper – Shrewsbury Estate 1934-36, The West Indies Sugar Co. Ltd. 1937-41, Agricultural Chief Clerk - The West Indies Sugar Co. Ltd. 1942-62, Cane Farmers’ – Manager The West Indies Sugar Co. Ltd. 1963-71. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Ceceline Maysotha Shaw, November 5, 1938; 3 sons, 2 daughters. Interests: Music, Swimming, Horse-back riding, Community projects. Clubs: Royal Jamaica Yacht, Kingston. Address: (business) c/o Mandeville Hotel, 4 Hotel Street, P.O. Box 78, Mandeville. Tel. 962-2460/2138; (residence) La Loma, Old Greenvale Road, Mandeville. Tel. 962-2521.

McINTYRE, Meridith Alister, O.D.; O.M., B.Sc (Lon.); B. Litt. (Oxon). Vice Chancellor, U.W.I. 1988-Present. Born: St Georges, Grenada, March 29, 1932. Educated: Grenada Boy’s Secondary School, London School of Economics and Political Science, Nuffield College – Oxford University. Career: Lecturer, UWI 1960-74; at both Mona and St Augustine Campuses; Secretary General, CARICOM Secretariat 1974-77;Director, Commodities Division, UNCTAD Secretariat 1977-82;Deputy Secretary General, UNCTAD, 1982-87; Officer in Charge, UNCTAD 1985; Asst. Secretary General, Office of Director General for Development and Economic Co-operation, United Nation 1987. Has been an adviser and Chairman for many companies throughout the Caribbean. Awards: Cacique’s Crown of Honour in Guyana, 1978; Honorary doctor of Laws, UWI, 1980; Gleaner Honour Award 1991, Knighted by Her Majesty, the Queen, 1992, Order of the Caribbean Community, 1994. Publications: Several books, monograghs and special reports both locally and overseas mainly on economic issues. Address: (business) UWI, Mona Campus, Kingston 7; (residence) Long Mountain Road, Mona, Kingston 7.

McINTYRE–PIKE, Marguerite Diana,

M.J.I.M., Diplomas in Hotel Management, Catering and Tourism; Hotelier/Hotel Consultant. Managing Director/Chairman – Astra Country Inn, Country Style Ltd. Organizations: Director of the Caribbean Hotel Association; Area Chairman/Councillor , Mandeville South Coast of the JHTA; 1st Vice-President of the Manchester Parish Investment Committee Ltd. Born: Kingston, Jamaica, September 19, 1951, daughter of Mark H. Conway McIntyre, Hotelier, and Ceceline Shaw-McIntyre, Hotelier/Social Worker. Educated: St. Andrew High School, Bishop’s High School, Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology, Carl Duisberg College (Munich). Career: Teller, Bank of Nova Scotia (Savanna-la-Mar) 1968-69; Assisted in Managing family Guest House, Hendon House (Savanna-la-Mar); Assisted in setting up Hotel Astra (Mandeville) in 1970; Receptionist/Social Hostess, Hotel Astra 1970-71; Guest Relations Director, Holiday Inn, (Montego Bay) 1974; Public Relations/Entertainment Director and Night Manager, Runaway Bay Hotel 1974-75; formed two companies: Dee Ltd. and South Coast Marketing Ltd. Featured in many travel books including The Caribbean Bargain Book, Air Jamaica Magazine Skywriting (April 1981 edition), German Newspapers: Die Zeit and Die Welt. Awards: Heritage Award in Tourism in 1984, Outstanding Citizens Award in 1979, Recipient of the United Nations Award (Decade for Women) for outstanding service in Tourism 1985. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Carey Pike August 22, 1981 (dec’d), 2 sons. Interests: Social work, Journalism, Driving, Creative dancing. Clubs: Manchester, Royal Jamaica Yacht, Liguanea. Address: The Astra Country Inn, 62 Ward Avenue, Mandeville, Manchester; Tel. 962-3265/3377.

McKENLEY, Herbert (Herb) Henry, O.D., C.D., Life Insurance. Manager First Life Assurance Co. since 1982. Director National Life Production Club. Organizations: Past President Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association; Member Board of Governors Calabar High School; Director Insport; Past President Calabar High School Old Boys’ Association. Born: Clarendon, Jamaica, July 10, 1922, son of Alexander Givans McKenley, Medical Practitioner and Zilpha Bell Mannings-McKenley (both dec’d). Educated: Mico Practicing School, Calabar High School, Boston College, University of Illinois. Career: National A.A.U. Champion 400 yds. 1943-49; NCAA Champion 200 metres and 400 metres; World Record Holder 300 yds., 400 yds. 1946-47 (holder of 440 world record five times). First man in history to run 400 metres under 46 seconds. Won one gold and three silver medals in Olympic Games in London and Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland 1948 and 52; National Track & Field Coach of Jamaica 1954-73; Coach West Indies Federation Olympic Team, Rome 1960; Western Hemisphere Track & Field Team, (including U.S.A.) vs Europe 1967; Manager and Coach Rest of the Word vs. Soviet Union 1971; Head Coach Americans World Cup Track & Field Team 1977; Manager Americas World Cup Track and Field Team 1979; Coach Americas World Cup Team, Rome 1981. Awards: National Life Quality Award. Athlete of the Year - Central & South America 1947; Recipient Special Recognition Award from Athletic Commission of France 1980; Black Athletes’ Hall of Fame U.S.A.; Chairman’s Special Award Carreras Sports Foundation 1983; Shore Athletic Club Hall of Fame 1986; Illinois Comeback Award 1983; one of the first six inductees in the Jamaica Sports Hall of Fame 1989. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Helen Beverly Lewis, December 24, 1967; 2 sons, 3 daughters. Interests: Reading – Historical and Political literature, Track & Field. Address: (business) 5th Floor, NCR Building, 13 Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5; Tel. 926-9200-2; (residence) 35 University Crescent, Kingston 6.

McKENZIE, Keith Anthony Walpole, C.D., M.B., B.S., M.R.C.P., F.R.C.P.; Paediatrician in Private Practice since January 1988. Organizations: Director Heart Foundation of Jamaica, Member Medical Association of Jamaica; Paediatric Association of Jamaica (President 1977). Ja. Western/New York Partners, Friends of the Bustamante Hospital for Children. Born: Blackstonedge, St. Ann, August 9, 1927, son of Rev. A.A. McKenzie and Rita Ford-McKenzie (both dec’d). Educated: Morris Knibb Preparatory School, Jamaica College, University College of the West Indies. Career: Medical Student – University College of the West Indies 1948-54 – one of the 33 foundation undergraduates. Joined the Jamaica Government Service – January 1956, Fellow in Paediatric Cardiology Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto, Canada), July 1966 to June 1967. Appointed Consultant Paediatrician – Children’s Hospital (Kingston) 1968. Senior Paediatrician, Bustamante Hospital for Children 1973- January 1988. Publications: Acute Veno-Occlusive Disease of the Liver – (Brooks, Miller, McKenzie, Audretach, Bras-Archives Pathology June 1970), The Development of Cardiac Catheterization at the University Hospital of the West Indies (McKenzie et al. West Indies Medical Journal Dec. 1980). Denomination: Anglican. Married: Norma Elaine King, December 15, 1956; 1 son. Interests: Lawn Tennis, Table tennis, Reading, Cricket watching, Photography. Address: (business) Denwin Medical Centre, 113 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6, Tel.: 927-7792, 927-5969.

McKIE, Edwin Norman, C.D., B.Comm. Chairman, Managing Director M/VL Stockbrokers Ltd., since 1992. Member of the Council of the Jamaica Stock Exchange. Born: St. Mary, August 2, 1929, son of James McKie, Farmer, and Gertrude McKie, Housewife (both dec’d). Educated: McGill University, Canada. Career: Chairman, Mandeville Area Hospital Board 1981-82, Trade Board Ltd., 1982-85, Agricultural Credit Bank of Ja. Ltd. 1981-85, Agricultural Credit Board 1981-89, College of Agriculture 1987-89, Steering Committee, Caribbean Association of Development Finance Institutions 1988-89; Manager-Accounting-Treasury Dept. Investments, Alcan Jamaica Co. up to 1985; Trade Administrator of Jamaica 1981-85; Managing Director, Agricultural Credit Bank up to 1989. Director, Agro 21 Corporation Ltd., 1985-89, National Investment Bank of Ja. Ltd. 1986-89, Bank of Jamaica 1988-89. Denomination: United Church of Jamaica & Grand Cayman. Married: Beulah Kathleen Virtue, July 22, 1951, 1 son, 2 daughters. Interests: All sports, listening to music. Address: (business) 17 Knutford Blvd. Kingston 5. (residence) 8 Upper Mark Way, Kingston 8.

McKNIGHT, Franklyn Alexander, B.A. (Hons.), M.A., M.Sc. (Credit), Journalist, Publisher of the North Coast Times. Organizations: President Press Association of Jamaica 1988-91. Member Alpha Boys School Advisory Board. Born: Kingston, May 20, 1954, son of Cyril McKnight, Builder/Contractor, and Gwendolyn McKnight Dressmaker (both dec’d). Educated: Camperdown High School; Mico College; University of the West Indies; Columbia University, Thompson Foundation. Career: Head Social Studies Dept., and Senior Teacher, Morant Bay High School 1977-82; Senior Rural Reporter, Gleaner Company 1982-83; Columnist, Gleaner Company Limited 1977-83; UPI Correspondent, Jamaica 1985-87; Deputy News Editor/Assistant Spelling Bee Master Gleaner Company Ltd. 1983-88. Associate Editor, Daily and Sunday Gleaner 1989-92; Represented PAJ at several international/regional forums on journalism. Occasional Lecturer in Journalism and related Issues (CARIMAC); regular contributor to radio/TV current affairs programmes; contributor to overseas publications including Weekly Journal - UK. Managing Editor, Jamaica Herald Limited. Publications: Several short stories (and extracts) published. Awards: Press Association of Jamaica - several awards for writing and reporting 1983-87; C.P.B.A. Award for the Best News Feature for the year 1985/86; 1987 Fulbright Scholarship (for Jamaica); Best investigative story 1989 (C.P.B.A.); PAHO Media Award for Excellence in Health Journalism 1994. Denomination: Seventh-Day Adventist. Married: Beverly Burnetta Bryan, December 30, 1980; 2 sons. Interests: Travel, Drama, Swimming, Reading, International Affairs. Clubs: Liguanea. Address: (residence) 26 Havendale Drive, Kingston 19.

McLARTY, Velma Corrine, O.J., C.D., B.A.; President Corrine McLarty & Associates since 1991. Director, Ja. Flour Mills Ltd., Island Life Insurance Co., Century National Bank, Workforce Development Consortium Ltd., Coffee Industry Insurance Trust, Ja. National Building Society Foundation. Deputy Chairman, Public Service Permanent Salary Review Board, Member, Electoral Advisory Committee. Organizations: Trustee, Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee Hospitals Trust. Director, United Way of Jamaica, Council of Voluntary Social Services. Born: Kingston, Jamaica November 9, 1930, daughter of the late Horace Ford and Ellen Jane Wilmot Ford. Educated: Excelsior College; University of the West Indies. Career: Jamaica Government Service 1954-74 from Administrative Assistant to Director, Ministry of the Public Service; Managing Director, Sugar Industry Housing 1974-77; Managing Director, National Housing Trust 1977-80; Managing Director Jamaica National Investment Corporation 1980-81; Managing Director, Ja. National Investment Promotion Ltd., 1981-88; President, JAMPRO 1988-89. Awards: U.N. International Decade for Women Award 1985. Denomination: Methodist. Married: Horace George McLarty, January 5,1957; 1 son, 2 daughters. Interests: Reading, Theatre, Gardening. Address: (business) 22 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10. Tel: 978-3395 (residence) 3 Tavistock Heights, St. Andrew.

McLAUGHLIN, (Fr.) Gerard Leo, S.J., B.Theol., M.A. Catholic Priest/Writer/Researcher (presently writing on the Jamaican Church and Jamaican Political History). Director, Roman Catholic Human Development Commission, JAMAL, National Housing Trust. National Coordinator for the US founded Habitat for Humanity of Jamaica Ltd. Organizations: Life member Kingston Lions Club. Born: Mass., U.S.A., October 3, 1925, (naturalized Jamaican Citizen 1974), son of John McLaughlin, Engineer, and Ann McLaughlin (dec’d). Educated: Boston College High School(U.S.A.); Boston College; Weston College, (U.S.A.) Career: Served as Assistant Director, Social Action Centre, St. George’s College for 20 years, with responsibility for programmes of social and economic development; specialised in Co-operatives, Credit Unions and Co-operative Housing; Director, Ministry of Housing (secondment), developing low income housing schemes 1972-81; Pastor, St. Benedict’s R.C. Church 1983-89; Writing Sabbatical St. George’s College 1989; Director of Credit, Projects for People Ltd. 1981-present. Awards: Wilson Chong Award; Jamaica Institute of Architects 1988. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Interests: West Indian Political and Cultural History. Club: Kingston Lion. Address: (business) St. George’s College, North Street, Kingston; Tel. 922-8826-7.

McLAUGHLIN, Harold James, J.P., Dip. Public Admin. Civil Servant. Retired Commissioner of Taxes, Custom and Excise Dept. since November 1,1988. Director Container Services Ltd. Organizations: President CG Co-op Credit Union Ltd., Hon. Treasurer Jamaica Horticultural Society. Born: Lucea, Hanover, May 24, 1932, son of the late Eugene Stephenson McLaughlin, Contractor and Builder, and Dulsie Louise McLaughlin, Housewife. Educated: Rusea’s High School, University of the West Indies. Career: Clerical Officer 1950-59; Secretary, Marine Board, Tender Board, Land Taxation Relief Board 1959-66; Senior Excise Inspector (Excise), Kingston 1973-79; Field Inspector 1979-81; Senior Personnel Officer 1981-84; Director ll Collector General’s Dept 1984-85; Commissioner Inland Revenue Dept. 1985-88. Awards: Civil service long service award medal 1988, Rusea’s Old Students’ Association award. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Rosalind Averil Davis, December 27, 1958, 2 daughters. Interests: Gardening, Reading. Address: (residence) 12 Birdsucker Mews, Kingston 8.

McLEAN, Ada Winnifred, J.P. Clarendon since June 1982; Principal Treadlight Primary School since 1989. Organizations: Treasurer Clarendon Parish Library and Clarendon Boy Scouts Association, Executive Officer, Jamaica Teachers’ Association, Clarendon, Treasurer and Member St. Gabriel’s Church Committee, Organizer (St. Gabriel’s Branch), Daughters of the King, Member Diocesan Council (Anglican Diocese), Women’s Auxiliary St. Gabriel’s Branch, member Citizens Advise Bureau, Treasurer Jamaica Cancer Society. Born: Mt. Felix, St. Thomas, April 22, 1922, daughter of Simeon James Palmer, Primary School Teacher, and Cecelia Williams (nee) Parkes (both dec’d). Educated: Golden Grove Primary School Tutorial, and St. Joseph’s Colleges. Career: Acting Principal, Golden Grove Primary School (St. Ann) 1942; Assistant Teacher, Jack’s River All-Age 1943-44, Savanna-la-Mar Primary 1944-46, May Pen Primary 1946-68; Principal May Pen Primary School 1968-85. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Frank Egbert McLean, May 15, 1949 (dec’d); 1 son. Interests: Reading, Music, Dancing, Swimming. Clubs: Lioness of Clarendon, Chief Ranger Court Violet of Middlesex (A.O.F.F.S.). Address: (business) Treadlight Primary School, May Pen P.O. , Clarendon; (residence) 12 Fernleigh Avenue, May Pen P.O. Clarendon.

McLEOD, Aubrey Lincoln, A.C.I.I., C.C. General Insurance Consultant since 1989. Deputy Chairman, Victoria Mutual Building Society, Chairman, Victoria Mutual Investments Ltd. Director, Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Society, Guardian Life of Trinidad, Nemwill Insurance Co. Ltd., Trinidad, Westin International Insurance Co., Cayman. Born: Cambridge, St. James, October 21, 1928, son of Charles McLeod, Merchant Tailor, and Vera Grizzle-McLeod. Educated: Kingston Technical High School, Chartered Insurance Institute, London. Career: Joined Manton & Hart Ins. Ltd. as Clerk in 1948, Asst. Manager 1958, General Manager 1963, Joint Manager – Jamaica Co-operative Fire and General Ins. Co. 1964-66. Managing Director West Indies General Ins. 1966-76, General Manager and Director - Ins. Co. of Ja. Ltd. 1976-79, Underwriting Manager - William H. McGee and Co. (Canada) Ltd. 1979-81. Managing Director, Jamaica International Insurance Co. Ltd. 1981-88. Formerly Director of Royal Bank Ja. Ltd., West Indies Leasing Co. Ltd. Organizations: The Insurance Association of the Caribbean, Past President & Founding Member; American Consultants League, Jamaica Insurance Advisory Council, The Insurance Institute of Jamaica, Past President Lions Club of Kingston 1969-70 – Mobile Eye Clinic established during term of office. Awards: Lion of the Year Award 1971. Centenary Medal, Institute of Jamaica. Citations, Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica and Jamaica Association of General Insurance Companies. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Married: Beverly E. Skipton, August 6, 1957; 3 daughters. Interests: Golf, Amateur Dramatics. (Played several leading parts in radio series This is Jamaica and Birth of a Nation, played in many stage productions, notably ‘Sebastian’ in Twelfth Night and ‘Horatio’ in Hamlet. Clubs: Jamaica, Constant Spring Golf. Address: (business) 17 Ruthven Road, Kingston 10; Tel. 929-6590/7945; (residence) 1 Manor Court Mews, Kingston 8.

McLEOD, Fitz Gerald, J.P.; Teacher, St Catherine High School since September 1989. Born: Leicesterfield, Clarendon, June 12, 1929, son of Rennie Burnett McLeod, Tailor, and Hilda McLeod, Dressmaker (both dec’d). Educated: Leicesterfield All-Age School, Mico College, University of the West Indies. Career: Principal Collington All-Age School, Park Hall All-Age School. Supervisor of Intern Teachers, Lecturer in Education - Church Teachers’ College, Lay Preacher, Choir Master, Representative to Synod, Principal Kilsyth Primary and Infant School 1962-83; Principal Alston Secondary School March 1984-89. Denomination: New Testament Church of God. Married: Mavis Urceline McFarquhar, January 8, 1960; 1 son, 2 daughters. Interests: Cricket, Table Tennis, Swimming, Reading. Club: Spaldings. Address: 32 Ocala Way, Willowdene, Spanish Town P.O., St Catherine.

McLEOD, William Lewin (Bill), B.Sc. (Marketing); Managing Director - Van Leer (Jamaica) Limited since 1979. Chairman Ridgefield Investment Ltd., Edgechem (Jamaica) Ltd. Organizations: Past President, Rotary Club of Kingston; Chairman, Board Camperdown High School, Allied Building Society, Surrey Council of the United Church of Jamaica & Grand Cayman; Deacon, St. Stephen’s United. Born: Chapelton, Clarendon, Jamaica, April 1, 1944, son of the late Thomas N. McLeod, Carpenter/Contractor, and Lydia J. Abrahams-McLeod, Housewife. Educated: Chapelton Primary School, Clarendon, Wayne State University. (Queen’s Scout 1963). Career: Cost Accounting Clerk - Innswood Estate 1964-66, Terminal Manager - Western Storage and Warehouse 1969-70. Sales/Marketing Manager - Van Leer (Jamaica) Ltd. 1971-79. Awards: Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary 1990. Denomination: United Church Ja. & Grand Cayman. Married: Terrence Jean Dawkins; May 26, 1973; 2 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Music, International Affairs, Tennis. Clubs: Kingston Rotary, Liguanea. Address: (business) Van Leer (Jamaica) Limited, P.O. Box 367, Kingston 10. Tel. 933-3314-5; (residence) 3 Kingswood Close, Stony Hill, P.O. Box 411, Kingston 10.

McMORRIS, Vayden Roy, C.D., B. Arch., Hon. F.A.I.A; Architect. Partner McMorris Sibley Robinson (Architects and Planners) since 1955. Chairman The Victoria Mutual Building Society, Managing Director - Kingston Restoration Limited, Vice-Chairman - Ward Theatre Foundation. Director National Library of Jamaica, Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, Private Sector Organization of Jamaica. Organizations: Member, The Jamaica Institute of Architects, Past Deputy Chairman Building Societies Association of Jamaica. Born: Kingston, Jamaica, February 24, 1925, son of Eric A. McMorris, Tailor, and Doris Roberts McMorris (both dec’d). Educated: Elementary School, Technical High School, Wolmer’s Boys’ School, The University of Manitoba (Canada). Awards: Royal Institute of Canada Student Medal 1953, Pilkington Travel Scholarship 1953, Silver Musgrave Medal 1974. Denomination: Christian Brethren. Married: Whilhet Ioney Chung, February 27, 1960; 1 son. Interests: Swimming, Philately. Address: 2A Caledonia Crescent, Kingston 5; (residence) Pembroke Terrace, Forest Hills, St. Andrew.

McNAIR, Michael Bruce, Export Packer, Fruit and Vegetables. Managing Director - McNair Ltd. since 1964. Born: Savanna-la-Mar, Jamaica, December 24, 1940, son of the late Archie McNair, Civil Servant (Permanent Secretary), and Monica Joyce Aguilar-McNair. Educated: Munro College, Jamaica College. Career: Worked with British West India Airways 1958-64. Started own produce business. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Margaret Rose Uglow, September 12, 1962; 1 son, 1 daughter. Interests: Water sports (all types), Polo, Tennis. Clubs: Kingston Polo, St. Ann’s Polo, Georgia. Address: (business) 40 First Street, Newport West, Kingston 13. Tel. 36576; (residence) 8 Ridge Way, Kingston 6.

McNEILL, Hon. Kenneth Augustus, O.J., M.B.B.S., F.R.C.S., F.A.C.S., Hotelier. Managing Director, Negril Beach Club Hotel. Born: Near Richmond, St. Mary, February 18, 1918, son of Eustace Augustus McNeill, Planter, Politician, Member of Legislature, and Blanche Louise Fletcher-McNeill (both dec’d). Educated: Munro College; St. Bartholomew’s Hospital (U.K.); London University. Career: Resident Surgeon, Plastic Unit Birmingham University 1943-45; Government Medical Service, and Lecturer in Anatomy, U.W.I.; Registrar, Royal National Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital (London); Specialist Surgeon, Kingston Public Hospital 1952; Consultant Surgeon, University Hospital; Opposition Senator 1962; Visiting Professor of Surgery to Columbia, Harvard, Oklahoma, Cincinatti, Nebraska, and Howard Universities; Visiting Professor, Surgical Course New York 1967; Member of Parliament for East Central St. Andrew 1969-77; Minister of Health and Environmental Control; Member of Parliament, North West St. Andrew 1977; Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Leader of Government Business in the House; Member of Parliament for West Westmoreland 1989; Minister without Portfolio and Leader of the House of Representatives, Chairman of the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Narcotics Control;Minister of the Public Service 1990. Awards: Order of Jamaica 1977. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Married: Valerie Maud Sharp, October 24, 1955; 3 sons, 2 daughters. Interests: Photography, Writing, Fishing. Club: Kentucky Colonel (U.S.A.). Address: (business) Jamaica/Negril Beach Club, P.O.Box 7, Negril; (residence) Penthouse 3, Trafalgar Apts., Kingston 10.

MEEKS, Winston Eugene, C.D., J.P.; Hon. Director Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, Director Chamber of Commerce of the Americas, Association of Chamber of Commerce of Jamaica. Organizations: President Lay Magistrates Association of Jamaica, Chairman of the Board of Governors Gaynstead Trust Foundation. Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, February 18, 1911, son of William N. Meeks, Accountant, and Mrs. Eugenie Meredith, Housewife (both dec’d). Educated: Calabar and St. George’s High Schools. Career: President Kensington Cricket Club 1950-51; President Table Tennis Association 1953-57; President St. George’s Old Boys’ Association 1953-59; Vice-President Caribbean Football Association and Caribbean Table Tennis Association 1955, President Jamaica Football Association 1955-62; Vice-President Jamaica Football Association 1955-62; Vice-President Jamaica Chamber of Commerce 1958 and 71, President 1972-76; Commissioner of Softball and Baseball 1966-68; President Chamber of Commerce of the Americas 1973; President Association of Chamber of Commerce of Jamaica 1973 and 83, 1988-89; Vice-President Private Sector Organization of Jamaica 1975-76. Awards: Prime Minister’s Medal. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Interests: Reading, Travelling. Clubs: Kingston. Address: (residence) 6 Rockhampton Drive, Box 161, Kingston 8. Tel. 924-1647.

MELHADO, Owen Karl (O.K.), B. Com.; Company Director; Chairman, Manufacturers’ Merchant Bank. Director Jamaica Tourist Board, Manufacturers Merchant Bank Ltd., Desnoes and Geddes Ltd., Guiness (Ja.) Ltd., Food of Jamaica (Export) Ltd, Jamaica Metal Lithographers Ltd, Bank of Jamaica, D & G Wines Ltd., Kiskimo Ltd., Jamfruit Ltd. Born: St. Andrew, November 23, 1938, son of Frank Melhado and Rosa Melhado. Educated: Munro College, McGill University. Career: I.B.M. World Trade Corporation 1960-69, General Manager 1966-69; Director of Marketing Desnoes and Geddes Limited 1969-73; Special Assistant to Prime Minister 1973-79; Chairman 1977-79, Managing Director 1979-84 Jamaica State Trading Corporation (subsequently Jamaica Commodity Trading Company). Religion: Jewish. Married: Angela Desnoes; 1 son, 2 daughters. Interests: Running, other sports; Reading. Clubs: Kingston Cricket, Constant Spring Golf. Address: (business) 19 Dominica Drive, Kingston 10; Tel. 968-5707; (residence) 27 Ridgeway Terrace, Kingston 6.

MELVILLE, Daniel Archer, J.P., Businessman. Executive Chairman Melcoe Group of Companies, since 1977, including Tropical Battery Company Ltd., Permalife Battery Co. Ltd., Jamaica Metal Ref. Co. Ltd., Jamaica Oxides Ltd., Jamaica Scrap Metal Ltd. and Meldam Co. Ltd.; Chairman Chukka-Cove Farm Ltd. Organizations: Honorary Secretary All Jamaica Polo Association; President Chukka-Cove Polo Club. Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, September 29, 1947, son of John Melville, retired Businessman and Janet Hastings-Melville. Educated: Jamaica College, Eastern Oklahoma State College (U.S.A.). Career: Formerly Junior Overseer Worthy Park Estates 1965-67. Denomination: United Church of Jamaica & Grand Cayman. Children: 3 sons. Interests: Polo and Horse-back riding. Clubs: Chukka Cove Polo, Jamaica, St. Ann Polo, Kingston Polo, Palm Beach Polo & Country, Jockey Club of Jamaica. Address: P.O. Box 160, Ocho Rios.

MESSADO, Geoffrey Earle, F.C.C.A., F.C.A., A.T.I.T.; Chartered Accountant, President, Crown Eagle Life Insurance Co; Ltd., since January 1993. Managing Director, Dimensions. Director, Musson (Ja) Ltd., Edgechem (Jamaica) Ltd. Eagle Merchant Bank of Ja. Ltd., Eagle Insurance Brokers Ltd., Trafalgar Development Bank. Organizations: Council Member Private Sector Organization of Jamaica; President Kiwanis Club of Kingston. Born: Kingston, March 19, 1947, son of Donald Messado Farmer and Nathalie Messado (both dec’d), Business Executive. Educated: Jamaica College; South West London College. Career: Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. 1964-67; Chief AccountantWest Indies Sugar Co. Ltd. 1970-75; Managing Director Modern Furnishing Co. Ltd., 1975-82; General Manager Carreras Developments Ltd. 1982-85; President, Jamaica Exporters’ Association 1982-84. Financial Controller Musson (Jamaica) Ltd., 1985-92. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Jennifer Ann Fitz-Ritson, February 12, 1972; 2 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Walking, Swimming, Reading. Clubs: Liguanea, Kiwanis of Kingston, Kingston Cricket. Address: (business) Crown Eagle Life Insurance Co. Ltd., 39-43 Barbados Ave., Kingston 5; (residence) 28A Benson Avenue, Kingston 8.

MESSADO, Jennifer Anne; Attorney-at-Law. Senior Partner Jennifer Messado & Co. since 1982. Director Sonado Ltd., Zap Ltd., Precept Ltd. , Foreign Options Ltd., Foreign Investments Ltd., Plaza Investments Ltd., Speculative Investors Ltd. Organizations: Past President Kiwanis Club of New Kingston, (the first ladies’ Kiwanis Club in Jamaica). Born: Kingston, Jamaica, June 12, 1950, daughter of Donald Fitz Ritson, Attorney-at-Law, and Carmen Fitz Ritson, Flower Arranger (both dec’d). Educated: St. Andrew High School, Penrhos, London College of Law. Career: Managing Partner, Messado, Woodham & Pickersgill 1979-83. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Geoffrey Messado, February 1972; 2 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Swimming, Reading. Club: Kiwanis. Address: (business) 6 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5. Tel. 926-5010 ,926-7999, 926-7928; (residence) 28A Benson Avenue, Kingston 8.

MIGNOTT, Janet Ruth, LLM Attorney-at-Law since 1978; in Private Practice since 1983. Organizations: Director, T. G. Mignott & Sons Ltd., Mignott Tractor & Transportation Ltd. Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, September 1, 1953; daughter of Terrence George Mignott, Farmer & Executive Member, World Sugar Council, and Sadie Bell Mignott, Businesswoman. Educated: Vaz Preparatory School; Bishops High School; Alpha Academy; University of the West Indies, University of Exeter. Career: Lecturer, College of Arts, Science & Technology 1978-79; Partner, Thomas Mignott & Co., Attorneys-at-Law, 1979-83. Creative Works: Harmonisation of Company Law within Caricom – A Comparative Study with the E.E.C. Denomination: Anglican. Children: 2 sons. Interests: Gardening, Needlepoint. Address: (business) 167 Mountain View Avenue, Kingston 6; Tel. 977-0891; (residence) “Enfield House”, Gordon Town, St. Andrew.

MILLER, Edward Lyel, C.D., Attorney-at-Law. Director JCSA Limited. Organizations: Member Conveyancing Committee; Jamaica Bar Association, Managing Committee Jamaica Civil Service Mutual Thrift Society, Town and Country Planning Authority, Archives Advisory Committee, Ward Theatre Foundation. Born: Jamaica, March 13, 1930, son of the late Edward Leslie Miller, Accountant and Hyacinth Verne Facey-Miller. Educated: Inns of Court School of Law, Lincoln’s Inn. Career: Assistant Clerk of Courts 1948-58; Deputy Clerk of Courts 1958-62, Clerk of Courts 1963-1967 (Resident Magistrates Courts Department); Registrar of Titles 1967-80; Civil Servant, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Local Government 1980-90. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Married: Shirley Isabelle Meikle, February 10,1963; 1 son, 1 daughter. Interests: Reading, Walking. Club: Liguanea. Address: (business) 17 Ruthven Road, Kingston 10. Tel. 929-3477-9; (residence) 16 Durham Avenue, Kingston 6.

MILLER Errol L., C.D., B.Sc., Dip. Ed., H. Dip. Ed., M.A., Ph.D.; Educator, Professor of Teacher Education U.W.I. since 1981. Organizations: Chairman Advisory Council Jamaica Constabulary Force Staff College, Joint Board of Teacher Education, Finance Committee Jamaica Teachers Association, Board of Youth Opportunities Unlimited; Vice Chairman Mico Foundation; Member Board Calabar High School, Board United Theological College of the West Indies, Founding President Jamaica Association of Teacher Educators, Member Board International Council for the Education of Teachers, Washington D.C., American Education Research Association; Trustee Lady Mico Charity, London; Member Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, Editorial Board, CARNEID, Barbados; . Born: Kingston, Jamaica, August 11, 1939, son of Percy L. Miller, Journalist, and Marion Louise Dahl-Miller. Educated: Calabar High School, University of the West Indies, Harvard University. Career: Teacher Calabar High School 1958, Excelsior High School 1961-66; Lecturer Department of Education U.W.I. 1966-72, Principal Mico Training College 1972-80; Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education (Secondment) 1974-75; Past President Jamaica Teacher’s Association; Senator 1984-89. Awards: Centenary Medal 1981, Institute of Jamaica; J.T.A. National Honour Roll 1984 for services to the Teaching Profession; International Visitor Grant U.S. State Dept. 1983; Super Lion Award by Chancellor Hall U.W.I. for being an outstanding Graduate of U.W.I. 1977. Junior Chamber Distinguished Service Award for Service in the field of Education 1980, National Honour Roll, Jamaica Teachers’ Association 1984; Mico College Gold Medal for distinguished services 1986; Fulbright-Hays Senior Academic Fellow, Stanford University 1988, Jamaica Teachers’ Association’s 25th anniversary award 1990; Consultancy Fellow, International Institute of Educational Planning, Paris 1990. Publications: An Appraisal of Jamaica Education 1967, Body Image, Physical Beauty and Colour among Jamaican Adolescents 1969. Education and Society in Jamaica 1971. Self and Identity Problems in Jamaica: From the perspective of shame 1971, An Appraisal of the Sixth Form Idea 1972, Self Evaluation among Jamaican High School Girls 1973. Government Expenditure in Education: Are the Priorities Right 1974. A Case Study in Alternative Perspective. Jamaican Young People’s view of Self and North Americans 1980, Marginalization of the Black Male 1986, In-service Teacher Education in the Caribbean 1991, Jamaica Society and High Schooling 1990, Men at Risk 1991. Denomination: Baptist. Married: Sharon Rowe, June 8, 1991, 2 sons. Interests: Cricket, Table Tennis, Dominoes, Public Speaking. Address: (business) Faculty of Education, U.W.I., Mona, Kingston 7. Tel. 927-0769; (residence) 6 Wiggan Loop, Kingston 6.

MILLER, Hugh Clinton, C.D., J.P., B.Sc.(Hons.), D.I.C.T.A.; Agriculturist. Director of Investments Promotions, Agricultural Development Corporation since March 1981. Director Rillim Developments Ltd., Orange Bay Development Ltd., Projects for People Ltd., Fund for International Self Help – Jamaica (F.I.S.H.). Born: Brown’s Town, St. Ann, Jamaica, March 15, 1912, son of Frederick L. Miller, Dry Goods Merchant, and Margaret Elaine Barker-Miller (both dec’d). Educated: Brown’s Town High School, Jamaica College, McGill University. Career: Agricultural Office Department of Agriculture (Jamaica), Headmaster Jamaica School of Agriculture, Chairman Yallahs Valley Land Authority, Chief Technical Officer Ministry of Agriculture, Development Officer Caribbean Commission, Director Extra Mural Studies, University of the West Indies, Agribusiness Manager Jamaica CitizensBank, Chairman Agricultural Development Corporation 1973, Crop Specialist Jamaica Development Bank April 1975 – March1981. Awards: Winner Drax Scholarship – Jamaica Agricultural Scholarship, Member of the Order of Distinction – Rank of Commander 1977. Publications: Co-Editor Credit Officer’s Handbook, Editor Jamaica Development Bank Reference Book for Agricultural Credit Officers. Denomination: Methodist. Married: Lois Litchfield Kelly, July 28, 1978; 1 son, 3 daughters (from previous marriage). Interests: Gardening. Address: P.O. Box 16, Gordon Town. Tel. 927-2511.

MILLER, Lois Litchfield, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., (Teachers Dip). Gold medallist I.L.A.M., Music Teacher. Born: Kencot, St. Andrew, daughter of the late Lewis M. Kelly, Manufacturer and Businessman and Catherine Litchfield. Educated: Half Way Tree Primary School, St. Andrew High School, Blanche Smith School of Music, Bristol (England). Career: Drama. Elocution Actress. Starred in plays locally, in New York, and England, Drama Teacher. Played in annual Pantomime for many years. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Hugh C. Miller, July 31, 1978. Interests: Reading, Cooking, Drama. Address: “Kyalami’, P.O. Box 16, Gordon Town. P.O.

MILLER, Lucille Violet, Pharmacist. Director Meat & Poultry Ltd., Long Acres Meat Processors Ltd., Rellimco Ltd., Copperwood Ltd., since 1963 and 1975. Organizations: Chairman Jamaica Federation of Women, Member Hanover Chamber of Commerce, President Hanover Garden Club, Treasurer Hanover Early Childhood Education; Board Member International Alliance of Women, Ruseas Comprehensive High School; Co-ordinator Women in Development – United Way, Member of C.V.S.S. Elder Lucea United Church. Born: Savanna-la-Mar, December 1, 1915, daughter of the late Frederick Albert Simpson, Inspector of Police and Lillian Violet Simpson-Mair. Educated: Ruseau’s High School. Denomination: United Church of Jamaica and Grand Cayman. Married: Percival Allwood Miller, August 1, 1942; 2 daughters. Interests: Gardening, Cookery and Sewing, Community work. Address: (business) P.O. Box 15, Lucea. Tel. 956-2362; (residence) “Rock Renton”, Lucea.

MILLER, Paul Ainsley, A.I.I.M., Operations Manager, Estate Industries Ltd. Director Caribbean Liqueurs, West Indies Liqueurs. Organizations: Assistant Chief Commissioner Scout Association of Jamaica; Past Master Lodge St John No. 623 S.C.; Distinguished Past President Kiwinis Club of North St Andrew; Member Board of Governor, St Andrew Technical High School. Born: Kingston, Jamaica, January 9, 1943, son of Harry Miller, Milliner, and Valerie Miller, Teacher. Educated: Kingston College; College of Arts, Science and Technology. Career: Government Printing Office 1961-62; Held positions of Lab Technican, Production Supervisor, Production Coordinator, Operations Manager, Estate Industries Ltd. 1962-83. Denomination: United Church of Jamica and Grand Cayman; Deacon at North Street United Church. Married: Yvonne Fay Walters, June 1, 1968; 2 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Swimming, Reading, Community work. Clubs: Kingston, Liguanea. Address: (business) 232 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11. Tel. 923-7463; (residence) 4 Oldgate Drive, Kingston 19.

MILLER Percy Lincoln (Jnr.), B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (U.W.I.); Soil Chemist. Managing Director Cocoa Farms Development Co. Ltd. since 1990. Organizations: Secretary Jamaica Association of Scientists and Technologists, Panel Judges J.A.S. Annual Denbigh Show, External Lecturer J.S.A. External Lecturer C.A.S.T., Member Caribbean Food Crop Society, President All Island Cocoa Industry Board Staff Association. Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, February 14, 1944, son of Percy Lincoln Miller, Journalist and Joyce Marion Dahl-Miller. Educated: Calabar High School, Jamaica School of Agriculture, University of the West Indies, McGill University. Career: Graduated U.W.I., St. Augustine 1968, Appt Agricultural Officer, Ministry of Agriculture 1968-73, Senior Agricultural Officer 1973-78, Head Agricultural Chemistry Division 1978-81; Regional Director of Research and Development, Ministry of Agriculture 1981-85; Director of Research, Cocoa Industry Board 1986-90. Publications: Various Technical Research Papers in Local and International Journals in the Field of Soil Science. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Barbara Stephanie Black, August 23, 1970; 2 sons. Interests: Chess, Jogging. Clubs: McGill Graduate Society (local Chapter), Ja. Association of Scientists & Technologists. Address: (business) Cocoa Industry Board, Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston 15. Tel. 923-6411; (residence) 5 Wright Close, Stony Hill P.O., Kingston 8.

MILLER, Shirley Isabelle, C.D., Q.C., M.A., C.D., LL.B. (Hons.); Attorney-at-Law. Director of Legal Reform, Ministry of Justice since June 1, 1977. Organizations: Member, General Legal Council. Born: Port Maria, Jamaica, August 30, 1937, daughter of the late Hugh Osmond S. Meikle and Minette P. Meikle (nee Walter). Educated: Port Maria Kindergarten and Primary Schools, St. Hilda’s D.H.S., London School of Economics, London University, Lincoln’s Inn, University of the West Indies. Awards: Jamaica Centenary Scholar, Buchanan Prizeman Lincoln’s Inn. Career: Assistant Crown Counsel, 1962-66; Crown Counsel 1966-70; Assistant Attorney General 1970-73; Senior Assistant Attorney General 1973-77; Member Broadcasting Authority 1970-77; Member General Legal Council 1972-74 and since 1986; Member of Council of Jamaican Bar Association until 1975; Member of Advisory Committee on Worker Participation 1975. Member of Electoral Advisory Committee 1979-1993; Member of the Commonwealth Observer Group at the 1991 Elections in Zambia and the 1992 Elections in Guyana. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Edward Lyel Miller, February 9, 1963; 1 daughter, 1 son. Interests: Spanish Language, Travel, Reading, Sewing. Address: Legal Reform Department, Ministry of Legal Affairs, 12 Ocean Boulevard, 1st Floor, Kingston Mall, P.O. Box 976, Kingston. Tel. 922-0080.

MILLER, Thelma Elaine Bryson, F.C.I.S.; Chartered Secretary in Public Practice. Managing Director company Services Ltd. since March 1974. Organizations: Member of the Executive Association of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in Jamaica since 1972, President 1981-83. Born: Kingston, daughter of the late Arthur Albert Miller, Businessman and Accountant and Emily Lawrence-Miller. Educated: Porus Elementary School, Excelsior High School, College of Arts, Science and Technology, Certificate in Business Studies. Career: The Gleaner Company Ltd. 1950-74, Executive Assistant jointly to the Executive Director and General Manager 1968-71, Employment Officer 1971-74, Leader of the Jamaica’s Delegation to the First International Convention of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in Hong Kong (1979) and one of the Commentators at the Convention. Denomination: Anglican. Interests: Walking, Badminton, Baking, Voluntary Social Work. Address: (business) 28 Beechwood Avenue, Kingston 5. Tel: 929-2438/6091; (residence) P.O. Box 85, Kingston 6.

MILLER Woodburn Davidson, C.D., J.P., B.A.(Hons.), Higher Dip. Ed., Dip. Educational Admin.; Retired Teacher and General Secretary Jamaica Teachers’ Association. Deputy Chairman, Joint Trade Union Research Development Centre, Director, Jamaica Publishing House, Member, Teachers Service Commission, National Council on Education, Board of Governors, Mico Teachers College and St. Hugh’s High School. Organizations: Foundation Member Jamaica Teachers’ Association (President in 1979), President, Christian Auxiliary Movement, Trafalgar Park Citizen’s Association, Harbour View Citizens Association, Member J.U.T., Cadet Officer since 1954, Formerly 2nd in Charge, J.C.C.F., Member Teachers’ Service Commission. Born: Rock River, Clarendon, February 24, 1929, son of John N. Miller, Farmer, and Lavinia Miller, Housewife (both dec’d). Educated: Rock River Primary, Mico Training College, University College of the West Indies, University of Leeds. Career: Teacher Crofts Hill Primary School 1952-53, Cockburn Pen Primary School 1953, Vice Principal, Wolmer’s Boys’ School 1953-74; Principal, Kingston Technical High School 1974-75; Principal, DeCarteret College 1975-79, Principal, Kingston College 1980-86, Secretary General, Jamaica Teachers’ Association 1986-94. Denomination: Anglican - (Lay Reader). Married: Inez V. Thompson, December 29, 1956. Interests: Gardening, Swimming, Indoor Games. Address: ; (residence) 1 Breary Avenue, Kingston 10 Tel: 926-6065.

MILLS, Hon. Donald Owen, O.J., B.Sc., Dip. Pub. Admin. Organisations: Member of Privy Council, Member of Judicial Service Commission, Member of Board of Dispute Resolution Foundation, Member of Breakfast Club a discussion programme on KLAS radio station, Hon. Member Town & Country Planning Association, Member of Group of Special Advisor to Executive Director on Environment Programme, Member of North South Round Table, Member of Society for International Development, Member of Council of International Foundation for Development Alternatives. Born: Mandeville, Jamaica, July 23, 1921, son of the late Gilbert Maxwell Mills, Sergeant Major of Police, and Josephine Icilda Payton-Mills. Educated: Chapelton Elementary School; Jamaica College; London School of Economics. Career: Director, Central Planning Unit

1962-68; Acting Registrar, U.W.I. 1965-66; Development Permanent Secretary, Bahamas 1969-70; Alternate Executive Director, International Monetary Fund 1971-72; Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the United Nations, New York

1973-81; President, UN Economic and Social Council (1978); President, UN Security Council January 1979 and March 1980; Chairman, Group of 77, The Developing Country Members of

the U.N. and Chief Spokesman for the Group 1977-78; Member, Group of Experts

established by Secretary General of UN on restructuring of the economic and social sectors of the UN; Ambassador (non-resident) to Republic of Argentina 1974-81. Chairman of Natural Resources Conservation Authority

1991-93. Awards: Order of Jamaica for services in International Relations 1979; Designated Honorary Research Fellow ISER, University of the West Indies 1985. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Sonia Yvonne McPherson, December 15, 1967; 2 sons, 2 daughters. Interests: Music, Reading, International Affairs, Environment. Address: 11 Lady Kay Drive, Kingston 8.

MILLS, Hon. Gladstone Everard Maxwell, O.J., C.D., B.Sc. (Econ.) Hons., M.P.A.; University Professor. Emeritus Professor since 1990. (Chairman, Electoral Advisory Committee, Jamaica 1979-1993) Organizations: Chairman, Grace Kennedy Foundation, Chairman, Issa Scholarship Committee since 1965 , Member Jamaica Cricket Board of Control, Editorial

Board International Review of Administrative Sciences, Managing Board International Association of Schools, Institutes of Administration; Member, W.H.O. Panel of Experts on Health Administration and of U.N. Group of Experts on Strengthening Public Administration in the 1980’s and ‘90’s; Former Member, Committee on International Thesaurus of Public Administration; Chairman Grace Kennedy Scholarship Committee, Consultant to P.A.H.O., U.N.D.P., U.N.E.S.C.O., U.N.D.A.D., Commonwealth Secretariat; Consultant to Jamaica Administrative Reform Programme; Member, Managing Committee on Hall of Fame for Sports. Born: Mandeville, Jamaica, February 12, 1920, son of Gilbert Maxwell Mills, Sergeant Major of Police, and Josephine Isilda Payton-Mills (both dec’d). Educated: Jamaica College, London and Harvard Universities. Career: Jamaica Civil Service 1938-60, Ministries of Finance and Industry and Central Planning Unit (Assistant Under Secretary). West Indian Governments’ Liaison Officer for West Indian Students in British Isles on secondment to Colonial Office 1948-51; Associate Director of Training in Public Administration (Senior Lecturer) U.W.I. 1960-65; Director (Professorial Status) 1965-90; Professor Public Administration 1972-90. Public Service: Member (1973-74) and Chairman, Public Service Commission 1974-77; Member, Judicial Services Commission 1974-80; Member, Commission on Staffing of Civil Service in the West Indian Territories; Chairman, Commission on Civil Services Salaries and Conditions of Service – British Virgin Islands and Commission on Caricom Secretarial Salaries and Recruitment. Chairman, Committee on Local Government Reform, Jamaica 1972-74; Chairman, Committee on a National Registration System 1982-83; Former Head, Department of Government, University of the West Indies 1963-80; Chairman Commission of Enquiry into Sugar Industry 1987-88; Former Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, U.W.I. 1967-70, 1980-84; Review Team for CARICOM Regional Organizations and Programmes 1989-90. Awards: Gleaner Special Award 1980 for work done in the Public Service,Simon Professorial Fellowship, University of Manchester 1978, Carlton Alexander Memorial 1991, Chairman, Arbitration Panel: Government & the Police Federation; Chairman, Evaluation Teams, Divestment of Government-owned Sugar Factories and Cane Lands; Chairman, Cane Prices Committee; Chairman Advisory Council on Local Government Reform. Publications: Book – Grist for the Mills. Articles – Education and Training for the Public

Services in the West Indies, Journal of Administration Overseas, Vol. V., No. 3, July 1966. Public Policy and Private Enterprise in

the Commonwealth Caribbean, Social and Economic Studies, June 1974. Public Administration and Public Policy Research in

a Small Developing State, Methodology and Change Working Paper No. 14, I.S.E.R. U.W.I. 1978. Local Government in a Small Developing State: Jamaica, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, Comparative Politics Seminar

Papers 1979. Electoral Reform in Jamaica,

The Parliamentarian, April 1981. Public Administration in the Commonwealth

Caribbean: Evolution etc., Social and Economic Studies, March 1970. The Environment of Commonwealth Caribbean Bureaucracies, International Review of Administrative Sciences, January 1973. Public Administration and Change in a Small Developing State: Jamaica, Ecole´ Nationale d’ Administration, (Quebec), December 1979, The Administration of Public Enterprise: Jamaica and Trinidad/Tobago., Social &Economic Studies, March 1981, Public Sector Reform in Jamaica, International Review of Admininistrative Sciences Sept. 1987, The English Speaking Caribbean, Public Administration in the Third World, The Institutional Framework of Government, Jamaica in Independence, Privatization in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Winnifred Eugenie Moss, December 22, 1949; 2 sons. Interests: Sports, Music, Theatre. Club: Kingston Cricket. Address: (business) Department of Government, U.W.I., Mona, Kingston 7. Tel. 927-2592; (residence) 1 Crawford Avenue, Kingston 8.

MINOTT, John Oliver (Jackie), J.P., B. Com.; Economist. Managing Director Jamaica Standard Products Company Ltd. since 1973. Organizations: President Manchester Parish Investment Committee Ltd., Chairman National Development Foundation of Jamaica, Mandeville Advisory Committee 1971. Senator Jaycees Movement. Chairman, Barita Unit Trust; Board Member JAMPRO 1993; Board Member, Jamaica Producers Group Ltd.; Director, Island Broadcasting Services Ltd. 1989; Trustee Manchester Health Trust 1991. Born: Mandeville, May 20, 1935, son of the late Leslie Oliver Minott, Managing Director Jamaica Standard Products Company Ltd., and Edna May Smith-Minott. Educated: Munro College, McGill University. Career: 1954-55 Timekeeper Monymusk Sugar Estate, 1959-60 Assistant Manager New York Office J.I.D.C., 1960-62 Research Economist, Asst. to General Manager, Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation; 1963-70 Sales Manager (Rural) Desnoes & Geddes Ltd., 1971-72 Managing Director Jackie Minott Associates Consultants, Director JAMINTEL 1972-76, Board Member Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Board 1974-77. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Beverley Hope Walker, July 16, 1966, 1 son, 1 daughter. Interests: Tennis, Jogging, Bird shooting. Clubs: Manchester, Mandeville, Kingston Cricket. Address: (business) P.O. Box 2, Williamsfield P.O., Manchester. Tel. 962-4211; (residence) Advent Avenue, Mandeville P.O., Manchester.

MINOTT, Leopold Oliver, O.D., Company Executive, Former Managing Director Metal Box Jamaica Ltd. since 1977. Born: St. Ann’s Bay, June 19, 1926, son of the late Wentworth Ross Minott, Produce Dealer and Viola Beatrice

Bruce. Educated: St. Ann’s Bay Elementary School, Excelsior and St. George’s Extension Colleges. Career: Royal Air Force 1944-46; Civil Servant 1946-52; Joined Metal Box Jamaica Ltd. 1952, as Senior Clerk and subsequently appointed Shipping Manager, Commercial Manager, Chief Sales and Personnel Executive, Managing Director. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Carmen Hyacinth Simms, December 8, 1951; 2 sons, 2 daughters. Interests: Golf, Reading. Clubs: Liguanea, Rotary, Constant Spring Golf. Address: (residence) 2 Garden View, Kingston 8.

MITCHELL, Ivy Joyce, B.A., M. Phil., Ed..D. Lecturer, Faculty of Education, U.W.I. since Oct. 1992. Organizations: Girl Guide Association, Co-Founder and Member Cherry Gardens Citizens Association. Born: Gayle, St. Mary, June 18, 1933, daughter William R. Henry, Teacher, and Mrs. Francella Murray, teacher (both dec’d). Educated: Shortwood Teachers’ College, University of the West Indies. Career: Teacher Seaforth Primary School 1956, Franklyn Town Primary 1956-65, Head English Dept., Senior Teacher, Vice-Principal Ardenne High School 1968-79; Credit Officer in Loan Administration Dept. Head Office Workers’ Savings and Loan Bank 1979-1982. Headmistress Hampton High School Jan. 1983-Dec.1988, Senior Assistant Registrar in Administration Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) , Jamaica. (Jan-Sept. 1989), Ministry of Education & Culture, Co-ordinator GoJ/IDB Primary School Project (Nov. 1989-Dec.1991) Director of Accreditation, University Council of Jamaica (Jan.-Sept. 1992), Examiner CXC since 1978. Publications. English in Action Books 1 & 2 in collaboration with Mr. Roy Ebanks. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Frank C. Mitchell, August 8, 1957; 1 son, 1 daughter. Interests: Reading, Writing, Gardening, Community work. Address: (business) Faculty of Education, U.W.I., Mona, Kingston 7; Tel. 927-1661-9; (residence) 23 Upper Markway, Cherry Gardens, Kingston 8. Motto: Treat Others as You would have them treat You.

MITCHELL, Leslie Roberts, Retired Civil Servant. Member Industrial Disputes Tribunal since 1981. Organizations: Chairman Schools Board (Cavaliers, Golden Valley & Mount James); People’s Warden, St. Jude’s Anglican Church; Past Master Ewing Lodge, Royal Arch & Sussex Mark Lodges. Born: Coopers Hill, Port Antonio, Portland, 11th October, 1912, son of the late Samuel R. Mitchell, Farmer, and

Eliza Norris-Mitchell. Educated: Elementary School, Private Tuition, School of Accountancy (Scotland), University of Arizona. Career:

Senior Marketing Officer Marketing Department, Chief Inspector of Produce Jamaica 1956; Attended Courses in Technology of Tropical Fruits & Vegetables, University of Arizona 1954-55, in Urban Marketing Israel 1963; Chairman Coffee Industry Board 1972/81; Represented Coffee Board at Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth Conference in Canada 1977; Member Coffee Board’s Delegations to Puerto Rico, Brazil, Cuba, Japan; Negotiated and finalized C.D.C. Loan (J$14 Million) for Expansion of Coffee in Blue Mountain Area. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Iris Lucille Atkinson 1945; 3 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Swimming, Reading, Farming. Address: 38 Spring Way, Kingston 8.

MOLLOY, Hezekiah, Farmer, Mayor of Port Antionio. Managing Proprietor Cedar Hurst Farms Ltd. Organizations: Board Member and Finance Chairman Portland Blue Mountain Coffee Co-op; Chairman Portland Parish Council; Treasurer and Executive Member Portland Association of Branch Societies (J.A.S.). Born: Spring Hill, Portland, son of David Molloy Farm Manager, and Retinella Molloy (both dec’d). Educated: Cascade Elementary School, Highgate Continuation School, Bennett’s College (Correspondence). Career: Salesman Cedar Hurst Farm 1956-69; Assistant Manager Cedar Hurst Farm Ltd. 1969-73; Director Cedar Hurst Farm Ltd. 1973-79. Awards: Champion Farmer 1983, 1984 and 1985. Denomination: Quaker. Married: Nelly Lewis, December 1965; 1 son, 5 daughters. Interests: Boxing, Cricket, Weight-lifting. Address: (business) Cedar Valley, Spring Hill P.O., Portland; (residence) Wakefield, Spring Hill P.O. Portland.

MONCRIEFFE, Orlando McArthur, B.Th., M.A.; Minister of Religion/College Teacher. Professor of Religion, Former Chairman Department of Religion, West Indies college since 1991, Co-ordinator Andrews University Extension Graduate Programme West Indies College campus since 1984. Visiting Professor Andrews University since 1989. Organizations: President United Nations Associations of Jamaica, Member Society of Biblical Literature. Born: Bernard Lodge, St. Catherine, December 3, 1947, son of Lorrainzo Moncrieffe, Heavy Equipment Operator, and Mrs. Mavis Sayles, Practical Nurse (both dec’d). Educated: St. Jago High School, West Indies College, Andrews and Duke Universities. Career: Pastor May Pen Circuit and Teacher May Pen High School 1968-69; Pastor Brown’s Town Circuit 1970-72; Principal Port Maria High School 1972-74; Pastor Port Maria Circuit 1974-77; Mandeville Circuit 1977-79; Portmore Circuit 1979-80; Assistant Professor of Religion, West Indies College, 1980-81; Research and Teaching Assistant in Biblical Studies Duke University 1981-84; Associate Professor of Religion, West Indies College 1984-90. Denomination: Seventh-Day Adventist. Married: Maureen McKenley, October 1969; 3 sons, 2 daughters. Interests: All forms of sports, Amateur Astronomy, Camping, Reading non-fiction.

MONTEITH, Hazel Conupe, O.D. J.P. Ex-Senator, Social Worker. Executive Consultant, Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Hon. Secretary Hyacinth Lightbourne Visiting Nursing Service, Director, Beautiiful Flowers and Wedding Centre. Organizations: Founder and Chairman Board of Management – Citizens’ Advice Bureau Basic School and Hazel Monteith Skills Training Centre. Board of Management Josephine Glasspole Basic School,Member National Council for the Aged, Lay Magistrate’s Associatio. Born: Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, daughter of James Nathaniel F. Williams, J.P., Property Owner, and Blanche Maud Evangeline Williams, nee Tomlinson (both dec’d). Educated: Private Tuition, Manning’s High School, University of the West Indies. Career: Voluntary teacher Art and Craft (with special skill in dress-designing and making, machine embroidery and millinery). Travelling Organizer Jamaica Federation of Women 1960-72. Presenter of regular programme Citizens’ Advice Bureau – R.J.R. Awards: 1st recipient of Community Award from Andrew’s Memorial Chapel 1983, Press Award 1984, for C.A.B. radio programme on R.J.R., one of the 60 women recognized by Bureau of Women’s Affairs for outstanding social work to mark the Decade of Women; Harmony in the Home Award for Community Work 1988; Mannings High School Award - Distinguished Past Student 1988. Publications: Compiled Citizens’ Advice Bureau Manual which includes edited versions of lectures by specialists briefing sessions for bureau workers (used by libraries and community leaders). Denomination: Baptist. Married: Emanuel Joscelyn Monteith (dec’d) , 1942; 1 son, 1 daughter. Interests: Gardening, Dress-making, Floral arranging, People. Club: Executive Member Soroptimist Club of Jamaica. Address: (business) 29 Beechwood Avenue, Kingston 5. Tel. 929-3047/2648; (residence) 37 Banana Walk, P.O. Box 521, Kingston 8. Tel: 931-2234. Motto: Whatever the Mind conceives and believes can be Achieved.

MONTEITH, James Henry Benjamin, J.P., L.D.S., Dip. M.S.; General Dental Practitioner. Dental Surgeon in Private Practice since 1964. Organizations: Member Jamaica Institute of Management Jamaica Dental Association Born: New Market, St. Elizabeth, November 20, 1928; son of Henry Benjamin Monteith, Educator, Produce Inspector, Journalist, Farmer, and Icema Ruby Wint-Monteith (both dec’d). Educated: Brown’s Town Elementary School, Jamaica College, Liverpool University. Career: Assistant Master Jamaica College 1947-49; Dental House Surgeon St. Thomas’ Hospital (London ) 1956; President Jamaica Dental Association 1962-63; Dental Officer Ministry of Health (Jamaica) 1956-84; Member Dental Council of Jamaica 1974-80. President, Rotary Club of St. Andrew 1977-78. Chairman, Dental Council of Jamaica 1992-95. Married: Leonora Christine Mitchell, April 13, 1968. Interests: Music, Photography, Golf, Track and field Athletics (Champion Hop Step and Jump event Northern Counties Athletic Association (England) 1954, and West Indies Amateur Athletic Federation 1957). Clubs: Rotary Club of St. Andrew, Liguanea. Address: (business) 85 Hope Road, Blue Cross Medical Centre, Kingston 6. Tel. 927-9957. (residence) Sunset Apartments, 67 Sunset Avenue, Kingston 8.

MONTEITH, Noel, T.T., B.A., M.Ed., Dip. Physical Ed.; Teacher, Principal Cornwall College since 1986. Organizations: President Jamaica Amateur Volley Ball Association; President Sunset All Stars Volley Ball Club. Born: Black River, St. Elizabeth, December 25, 1941, son of the late John E. Monteith, Farmer, and Pearlene E. Monteith, Housewife. Educated: Kilmarnock Primary School, Mico Teachers College, Ottawa University, (Canada), Leeds University (England). Career: Pre-trained Teacher Kilmarnock Primary School 1959-60; Teacher Grange Hill 1964-65; Principal Carmel All-Age 1965-69, Lecturer Mico Teachers College 1969-72; Teacher Buckingham Elementary School (Canada) 1972-76; Principal Maud McLeod Secondary School 1976-86. Awards: Mico College 150th Anniversary Award; Maud McLeod 10th Anniversary Award. Publications: Plan Book for Teachers. Denomination: Moravian. Married: Audrey A. Dunn, December 18, 1965; 3 sons. Interests: All forms of sports. Club: Sunset All Stars Volley Ball. Address: (business) Cornwall College, Montego Bay, St. James. Tel. 952-5146; (residence) Lennox, Carmel P.A., Westmoreland.

MORGAN, Kenneth Earl, Dip. Structural Engineering. Chairman, Managing Director Morgans Group of Companies consisting of Morgans Industries Ltd., Polyflex Foam Ltd. Therapeutic Caribbean Co. Ltd., Kenmorg Holdings Lt., Jumbolon Jamaica Ltd., Organisation: President, Jamaica Lawn Tennis Association since 1992. Born: Kingston, Jamaica June 6, 1944, son of the late David Morgan, Building Contractor and Edna Morgan, Housewife. Educated: All Saints Primary; Kingston Technical; The College of Arts, Science and Technology. Career: Engineer, Reginald Aitken Ltd.1971-73; Sales Engineer McCurnin Simons Ltd. 1973-74. Award: Cast Award 1992. Married: Joycelin Dorothy Morgan, July 15, 1972; 2 sons, 3 daughters. Denomination: United Church. Interests: Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Draughts, Dominoes. Clubs: Kingston Cricket, Liguanea, Pegasus. Address: (business) 68 Lady Musgrave Road. Tel. 92-77307/74539; (residence) 7 Directors Way, St. Andrew. Motto: Do Good Regardless.

MORGAN, Hon. Miss Justice Madge Ella Eileen, O.J. Attorney-at-Law. Judge of the Court of Appeal (retired). Executive Chairman, Police Public Complaints Authority since 1993. . Organizations: Chairman Board Shortwood Teachers College; Member Joint Board Teacher Education, Soroptimist Club of Jamaica. Born: Seaforth, St. Thomas, daughter of the late C.L.D. Morgan, Headmaster, and Annie Loretta Thompson-Morgan. Educated: Primary School, Excelsior High School, Lincolns Inn. Career: R.M. Courts, St. Thomas; Appointed Deputy Clerk of Courts 1960; Admitted to Jamaican Bar 1961; Clerk of Courts 1962; Resident Magistrate 1968; Master in Chambers 1978; Chairman Commission of Enquiry into uprising at General Penitentiary Prison 1976; Represented Jamaica at World Conference of Judges on Terrorism U.S.A. 1979; Puisne Judge 1978-1986; Senior Puisne Judge1986-1988. Award: Woman of Distinction. Denomination: Anglican. Interests: Sewing, Gardening. Clubs: Soroptimist International of Jamaica. Address: (business) 12 Ocean Boulevard, 4th floor, Kingston Mall. (residence) P.O. Box 344, Kingston 6.

MORGAN, Owen St. Clair, Prof.Medicine; M.A., MD , F.R.C.P., F.A.C.P. Head, Dept. Medicine since 1986; Vice Dean (Clinical), Faculty of Medical Sciences; U.W.I. Member, several University Committees. Born: Manchester, Jamaica, April 26, 1939; son of A. A. Morgan, Retired Teacher and L.B.Morgan, Retired Teacher. Educated: Bryce Primary School; Munro College; Dublin University. Career: Lecturer, University of the West Indies to 1976; Senior Lecturer, U.W.I. 1976-84. Denomination: Presbyterian. Married: Paulette Ffolkes, 1972; 1 daughter. Interests: Reading, Music, Sport. Club: Rotary Club of Kingston. Address: (business) Dept. of Medicine, University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston 7; Tel. 927-1707.

MORGAN, Richard George, J.P.; Business Executive, Chairman and Managing Director Broadway Group of Companies. Organizations: 4th Vice-President Jamaica Exporters’ Association, Chairman Jamaica Association of Exporters to Canada; Board of Governors St. Andrew Technical High School, Friends of K.P.H., Chairman Allied Building Society. Born: St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, December 19, 1940, son of the late Walter Morgan and Elvy Hinds-Morgan. Denomination: Brethren. Married: Lydia Daley-Morgan, June 26, 1965; 2 sons, 1 daughter. Address: (business) 218 Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston 11. Tel. 923-6331-4; (residence) 16 Bracknell Avenue, Kingston 6.

MORRIS, Mervyn Eustace, B.A., M.A.; University Lecturer, Reader and Head, Department of English U.W.I. since 1988. Organizations: Member Jamaica Lawn Tennis Association, Rhodes Scholars’ Association. Born: Kingston, Jamaica, February 21, 1937, son of the late Eustace Arnold Morris, Accountant, and Muriel E. Taylor-Morris. Educated: Munro College, University College of the West Indies and Oxford University. Career: Assistant Master Munro College 1957-58. Registrar University College of the West Indies/University of the West Indies 1961-62, Senior English Master, Munro College 1962-66, Warden Taylor Hall University of the West Indies 1966-70, Lecturer Department of English University of the West Indies 1970-77, Visiting Lecturer University of Kent at Canterbury (England) 1972-73, Secretary Creative Arts Centre, University of the West Indies 1975-76; Senior Lecturer Department of English University of the West Indies 1977-88. Awards: Institute of Jamaica Musgrave Silver Medal for Poetry 1976. Publications: Books of Poetry: The Pond (New Beacon Books, London 1973), On Holy Week, Sangster’s Kingston 1976, Shadow-boxing (New Beacon Books, London 1979). Denomination: Anglican. Married: Helen May Scott, November 4, 1961; 2 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Reading, Writing, Music, Theatre, Tennis. Address: (business) Department of English, University of the West Indies, Kingston 7. Tel. 927-0717; (residence) 26 South Monterey Drive, Kingston 6.

MORRIS, Sydney Altimore, L.T.C.L., T.T.D., A.R.C.M., L.R.S.M.; Teacher. Principal Lecturer Mico College since 1980, Head of Music Department since 1972. Organizations: Past President Music Teachers Association of Jamaica, Vice-President of the Orpheus Society. Born: Darliston, Westmoreland, December 14, 1920 son of Arthur Adonijah Morris and Ellen Louisa Victoria Wilson-Morris (both dec’d). Educated: Caledonia Elementary School, Mico College, Trinity College of Music London (British Council Scholar). Career: Pre-trained Teacher Enfield Primary School Darliston 1941, Choir Master and Assistant Organist St. John’s Church Darlistion 1939-42, joined the Kingston Male Voice Choir directed by Eglon Fairweather and later served as Assistant Conductor. Trained Teacher Primary School 1945-46. Teacher Wolmer’s Boys’ School 1946-70; introduced music as a regular subject on the curriculum up to Senior Cambridge and Higher Schools levels, produced record “CONCERT” ’68" in collaboration with the Wolmer’s Girls’ School Choir. Music Critic for the Daily Gleaner over a four year period. Awarded a three-week tour of West Germany by Embassy as Music Critic from Jamaica. Served for brief periods as Organist for the Church of St. Margaret’s Liguanea and St. George’s East Street and as Choir Master for St. Luke’s Church, Cross Roads. Taught at Mico College 1970, Winston Churchill Public School Onatario, Canada 1970-71, External Examiner for the Jamaica School of Music 1979-81. Awards: Awarded British Council Scholarship 1950. Pursued class music teaching course as well as instrumental courses at Trinity College (London), in Pianoforte, Violoncello and Recorder. Travel Award to the Federal Republic of Germany as music critic for The Gleaner, Mico Service Medal, Diocese of Jamaica for Service in Education. Wolmers Old Boys Association Maroon Award forService to the School. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Pearl Nerissa Lindo, April 6, 1957 (dec’d); 1 son. Interests: Music, Concerts, Reading, Psychology, Philosophy, German. Address: (business) Mico College, Kingston 5. Tel. 929-5260; (residence) 1 Birdsucker Close, Kingston 8. Tel. 927-7653.

MORRISON, Alan Patrick; B.Sc., M.Sc.; Executive Chairman, Mint Investment Ltd. since March 1995. Organizations: Director NALA Ltd., Mint Investment Ltd., Salada Food Ja. Ltd., Oxford Building Society. Born: Oxford, England, January 17, 1959; son of Hugh P. Morrison, Senior Lecturer (U.W.I.) Retired, and Pauline Morrison, Housing Accommodation Officer, U.W.I. Educated: Mona Preparatory School; Jamaica College; University of the West Indies. Career: Accountant, Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica 1981-82; Audit Supervisor, Touche Ross, Thorburn & Co. 1984-89; General Manager International Audit (JAMPRO LTD.) 1989-94; General Manager, Caribbean First Merchant Bank Ltd. Feb-Nov. 1994. Creative Works: Computer Fraud at the Work Place. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Married: Lois A. Neita, August 15, 1987; 2 sons. Interests: Football, Swimming, Cycling. Club: Real Mona Football, Jamaica. Address: (business) 15 Oxford Blvd., Kingston 5. Tel: 960-4334; (residence) Villa Deste, Lot # 1 Seaveiw Road, Stony Hill, St Andrew.

MORRISON, Errol York St. Aubyn, M.D.,Ph.D., F.R.C.P., F.A.C.P. ; Lecturer/Consultant Physician. Professor & Head Dept. of Biochemistry, U.W.I. since 1994. Director, The Diabetes Centre Ltd., EMO (Farms) Ltd., Diabetes Association of Jamaica, Mona Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd. Organizations: President, Diabetic Association of Jamaica. Born: Kingston, September 21, 1945; son of Clinton Arnold Morrison and Lucille Maud Morrison (both dec’d). Educated: Mary Knibb Preparatory, Franklin Town Primary, Excelsior High School, University of the West Indies, Royal University of Malta, University College London. Awards: Berger Award for Natural Science Research; Gleaner Award for National Service to Medicine, especially the Field of Diabetes; U.W.I. Biochemistry Medal (1966); Independence Open Scholarship (1963); Commonwealth Scholarship (1966). Publications: Learned articles in international journals, mainly on Diabetes Mellitus. Denomination: Moravian. Married: Mary Salome Galea, March 30, 1970; 4 daughters. Interests: Farming, Reading, Medical Journalism. Motto: If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Address: (business) Dept. of Biochemistry, U.W.I., Mona, Kingston 7. 927-2290; (residence) 6 Montclair Drive, Kingston 6.

MORRISON, Harold E., B. Arch., M.J.I.A.; Architect. Senior Founding Partner Harold Morrison Associates since 1974. Born: Kingston, January 1, 1932, son of the late Dr. James Morrison, Dentist and Cassandra Morrison, Housewife. Educated: Morris Knibb Prep. School; Wolmer’s Boys’ School; Cornwall College; Howard University. Career: Design Architect McMorris, Sibley & Robinson 1964-65; Founder and equal Partner, Shearer & Morrison Chartered Architects 1965-77; Harold Morrison Associates has undertaken several major projects in Jamaica and overseas including Head Office Shell Co. (W.I.) Ltd. and Waterfront Re-development for the Government of Belize. Awards: Company won Jamaica Institute of Architects award – Residential Category – for the Matalon’s Residence 1986; Caribbean Cement Company Award for the best use of concrete for the Autofix Building, West Kings House Road. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Married: Marjorie DeMercado, August 31, 1961; 1 son, 2 daughters. Interests: Rearing Thoroughbreds, Fishing, Bird shooting. Clubs: Jockey Club of Jamaica; Jackson Bay Gun and Fishing (Founder & Past President); Monymusk Gun, Rod and Tiller; Mid-Island Gun and Fishing. Address: (business) 15 Bedford Park Avenue, Kingston 10. Tel. 929-3990-2; (residence) 10 Durie Drive, Kingston 8. Tel. 925-7196.

MORRISSEY, Michael Patrick, B.A., M.A. (Educ.), M.Sc., Dip. Ed., University Lecturer. Senior Lecturer in Education University of the West Indies since 1986. Organizations: Full member of the Commission on Geographical Education of the International Geographical Union, Steering Committee member the United States National Council for Social Studies Education International. Born: Bristol, United Kingdom, November 14, 1944, son of David Joseph, Teacher, and Kathleen (decd). Educated: University of Wales, University of the West Indies, University of Georgia, George Washington University. Career: Head, Geography Department, Chapel End Secondary Modern School, London, England 1967-69; Geography Teacher York Castle High School, St Ann, Jamaica 1969-70; Head Geography Department, The Queen’s School 1970-73; Geographer, Department of Statistics 1973-75; Senior Stastistician, Ministry of Education 1975-76; Part-time Lecturer in Geography Education, School of Education, University of the West Indies 1971-76; Lecturer in Education, U.W.I. 1976-86; Geography Specialist, Saint Maarten Academy, Netherlands Antilles (Special attachment on leave from the University of the West Indies) 1985-86; Senior Lecturer in Geography and Social Studies Education, U.W.I. 1986-87; Project Manager/Education Adviser, Secondary schools Text Book Project, Ministry of Education (Special leave from UWI to accept consultancy as a technical cooperation officer for the United Kingdom government) 1987-89. Organizations: Member of the Council of Management of the Jamaica Geographical Society 1970-86; Jamaica National Committee of the International Geographical Union 1972-75, Sub-Committee of the Jamaica Council for the Handicapped 1977; Steering Committee for the 2nd conference of Caribbean Social Studies Educators held in Kingston Jamaica 1978; School of Education Liaison Officer on the U.W.I. Public Relation Committee 1981-82; Education sub-committee of the Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO 1984-89; Jamaica Teachers’ Association Media Studies Committee 1985-86; Disaster Preparedess Education Committee 1983-85. Publications: Some 25 textbooks including Living in a Changing Caribbean, Books 1 & 2 (Nelson 1978, 1980); Caribbean Secondary School Atlas, editorial advisor (Coolins-Longman, 1982); Our Island, Jamaica (1983); The Rainfall of Jamaica: a self-instructional course (1989); Images in Print: Bias and Prejudice in Caribbean Textbooks (ISER, 1988); Caribbean School Atlas (Longman, 1988); The Cayman Islands (Macmillan, 1989); Our Country, the Turks and Caicos Islands (1989); Geography for Caribbean Schools, Book 1 (OUP, 1990); Practical Skills for Caribbean Geography, Books 1 & 2. Has also written over 60 articles and reports and has edited 9 issues of the journal Caribbean Geography with Dr David Baker. Married: Caroline Young, March 18, 1978; 3 sons. Interests: Writing, Geography, Exploration. Address: (business) P.O. Box 176, Mona, Kingston 7.

MOSES, Paul Hollingsworth, B.Sc. (Business Admin.); Business Executive, Managing Director Checker International Ltd. since 1982. Organizations: Asst. Secretary Professional Golfers’ Association; Kingston & St. Andrew Red Cross Association; Fourth Vice-President, Jamaica Exporters’ Association. Born: Kingston, September 24, 1945, son of Roy Moses, Farmer, and Gloria Moses, Housewife. Educated: McMillan Prep., Calabar High, University of the West Indies. Career: Stores Supervisor, AJAS Ltd. 1966-67; Plant Manager, Operations Manager, Managing Director Kem Products 1970-82. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Joan Patricia Lee, November 2, 1969; 2 daughters. Interests: Golf, Reading. Clubs: Caymanas Golf, Freemason. Address: (business) Checker International Ltd., 1 Weymouth Close, Kingston 19. Tel. 923-4405; (residence) 39 Banana Walk, Kingston 8.

MOSES, Peter Hollingsworth, B.A. Banker. Country Corporate Officer, Citibank N.A., Jamaica since 1988. Director, Caribbean Merchant Bank, Citifinance Ltd. Organizations: 2nd Vice President Jamaica Bankers Association; Chairman Jamaica Foundation for Children; Vice President Calabar Old Boys Association; Director, Fund Raising Committee, National Council on Drug Abuse; Immediate Past President, American Chamber of Commerce; Chairman, Salvation Army Advisory Board; President Real Mona Football Club. Born: St. Andrew, December 13, 1949 son of Roy Moses, Farmer, and Gloria Moses. Educated: Calabar High School; Carnegie Mellon University. Career: Citibank N.A. (Ja.) since 1975; first Jamaican to head Citibank’s operations in Jamaica. Awards: Professional Secretary’s Association “Boss of the Year” 1989. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Jennifer Ann Clarke, October 3, 1981; 3 sons. Interests: Football, Cricket, Squash, Gardening, Reading. Club: Real Mona Football. Address: Citibank N.A. 63-67 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5. Tel. 926-3270; (residence) 5 Dillsbury Avenue, Kingston 6.

MOSS-SOLOMON, Owen P, Businessman; Managing Director Hardware and Lumber Ltd., since 1979. Vice-President, Trading, Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust Ltd., Hardware Bulk Purchasers Ltd., Wherry Wharf Ltd., Wood Preservation Ltd., Director, The Cecil Boswell Facey Foundation, Director CVSS United Way of Jamaica. Organizations: Vice-Chairman Hardware Merchants Association. Born: Preston, Cuba, July 10, 1927, son of the late David Moss-Solomon and Rose Moss-Solomon (nee Denton). Educated: St. Aloysius Boys School, College of Arts, Science and Technology. Career: Started at Hardware and Lumber in 1944 as a counter clerk. Denomination: Roman Catholic. Married: Marjorie Weston-Spencer June 26, 1954; 1 son, 1 daughter. Interests: Tennis, Swimming, Gardening. Address: (business) Hardware and Lumber Ltd., 697 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11. Tel. 38911; (residence) 31 Norbrook Drive, Kingston 8.

MOSS-SOLOMON, Peter Norton, F.A.A.I., M.A.A.T., M.B.I.M.; Financial Director Grace Kennedy & Co. Ltd since June 1989. Chairman, Jamaica Intl. Ins. Co. Ltd., Terminal Services Ltd. Director Agro-Grace Ltd., Cari-Freight Shipping Co. Ltd., Grace Kennedy & Co. Ltd., George & Branday Ltd., Grace Tours Ltd., Grace-Unisys (Jamaica) Ltd., Grace, Kennedy Export Trading Ltd., Grace, Kennedy Properties Ltd., Grace, Kennedy Remittance Services Ltd., Hi-Lo Food Stores (Ja.) Ltd., Independent Radio Co. Ltd., Jamaica Venture Fund Ltd., Kingston Wharves Ltd., Kingston Terminal Operators Ltd.., Port Services Ltd., Rapid & Sheffield Co. Ltd., Systems Alliance (Jamaica) Ltd., Trafalgar Commercial Bank Ltd., Vortex Ltd., Western Terminals Ltd., Grace, Kennedy (Barbados) Ltd., Grace, Kennedy (Caribbean) Ltd., Grace, Kennedy (Canada) Inc. Organizations: Allocation Committee Chairman/Board of Governors United Way of Jamaica; Director Grace and Staff Community Development Foundation, Grace Kennedy Foundation; Grace Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.; Trustee Grace Kennedy Employees’ Investment Trust; Grace Kennedy & Co. Ltd. Superannuation Fund; Grace Kennedy & Co. Ltd. Pension Scheme; Council Member Private Sector Organization of Jamaica; Kingston Terminal Operators Ltd., Pension Scheme. Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, February 28, 1937, son of James Seivright Moss-Solomon and Ismilda E. Moss-Solomon (nee Norton), both dec’d. Educated: Priory School, Jamaica College, McGill University. Career: Worked in various positions in Grace Kennedy and Company Limited and its subsidiary companies since 1958. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Elizabeth Anne Sasso, May 19, 1962; 1 son, 2 daughters. Interests: Reading, Social and Community work, Golfing. Clubs: Constant Spring Golf, Jamaica, Liguanea, Kingston Cricket. Address: (business) Grace Kennedy & Co. Ltd., 64 Harbour Street, Kingston. Tel. 922-3440-9; (residence) 26 Upper Mark Way, Kingston 8.

MOULTON-CAMPBELL, Miriam, O.D., Adult Educator, Consultant Adult Education and Literacy. Coordinator for International Community Education in Jamaica, Coordinator for Literacy in the Caribbean - Caribbean Regional Council for Adult Education. retired Assistant Director J.A.M.A.L. Technical Services. Organizations: Member International Task Force for Literacy - HQ Canada, President Jamiaca Welfare Credit Union, Chairman Disaster Preparedness, Jamaica Red Cross. Born: St. Ann, February 4, 1918, daughter of Samuel Constantine Moulton, Tailor, and Brazilla Balfour (both dec’d). Educated: Linton Park School; Ohio State University. Career: Teacher, Social Development Commission Officer, areas of work – Home Economics, Co-operative Recreation and Drama, Literacy, Community Organizations; Social Welfare Course (U.W.I.) in Radio, Television; Course in Educational Broadcasting, Photography (London & Italy); Course in Adult Education (Ohio State University); Observation visits Adult Literacy Brazil, Cuba, Ethiopia. Did Pioneer work in Basic Adult Literacy with the use of Radio and Television on Central Broadcasting Station, Programme Together We Learn Social Development Commission; as Training Officer visted Gainsville U.S.A. to train Peace Corps Volunteers, Florida and Train Teachers of Farm Workers; Consultant to Ministry of Education - Commonwealth of Dominica 1986-90; Visited for Literacy India, Kenya, Thailand, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Geneva and Caribbean Island 1989-91. Awards: Long Service – J.A.M.A.L. 1982; S.D.C. Medal for Long and Faithful Service1979. Institute of Jamaica Centenary Medal for Contribution to Education 1981, Prime Minister’s Award 1983, Good Samaritan award 1990. Publications: Book Case Study on Literacy in Jamaica. Denomination: Methodist. Married: Kenneth Campbell, February 4, 1978 (dec’d); 1 son. Interests: Reading, Gardening, Music, Participation in various social activities in Community and Church life. Clubs: 4-H, Women’s Federation, Women’s League. Address: (business) JAMAL, 47B South Camp Road, Kingston 4. Tel. 928-5181-6; (residence) 14 Swansea Avenue, Kingston 8.

MUIRHEAD, David Manuel, Q.C., C.D., P.C., Attorney-at-Law since 1957. Director Thermoplastics (Ja.) Ltd. Organizations: Member Jamaica Bar Council and Association, Board of Governors, Excelsior Education Centre, Notary Public, Privy council of Jamaica, Council of Legal Education. Born: Santiago, Cuba, December 29, 1928, son of Arthur Muirhead and Rafaela Muirhead (nee Thomas) (both dec’d). Educated: Allman Town Primary School, Excelsior High School, London University. Career: Former Civil Servant Government of Jamaica and Federation of the West Indies. Formerly Chief Community and Industrial Relations Officer - West Indian High Commission (London), and Civil Service Representative and Jamaica’s Representative on Panel of Arbitrators – International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, Former Chairman Broadcasting Authority. Denomination: Methodist. Married: Daphne Melbourne, 1956; 2 sons, 1 daughter. Interests: Swimming, Reading, The Arts. Clubs: Kingston Cricket, Liguanea, Kingston Downtown Rotary. Address: 15 Duke Street, Kingston. Tel: 922-7155; (residence) 7 Rockhampton Drive, Kingston 19.

MULLINGS, Hon. Seymour St. Edward, M.P.; Commissioned Land Surveyor; Deputy Prime Minister since April 1993; Minister aof Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade since January 1995. Organizations: Life member Jamaica Federation of Musicians, Vice President People’s National Party. Born: Cave Valley, St. Ann, May 12, 1931, son of Sylvester Mulling (dec’d), and Victoria Mullings retired school teacher. Educated: Claremont Elementary School, Jamaica College. Career: Surveyor, Government Survey Department up to 1958 then went into private practice; Member of Parliament for South East St. Ann 1969-83; Minister of Health and Agriculture 1972-80; Minister of Finance and Public Service February, 1989 - November 1990. Minister of Agriculture Nov. 1990-Jan 95. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Lilieth Bell April 1962, 1 son 1 daughter. Interests: Playing Piano and Organ. Address: (business) Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foregin Trade, 21 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5; (residence)) Claremont, Claremont P.O.

MUNROE, Trevor St. George, B.Sc., M.Sc., D. Phil.; Political Scientist, Head of the Department of Government, Reader in Goverment and Politics, University of the West Indies, Mona. Organizations: President University and Allied Workers Union (U.A.W.U.); Member West Indies Group of University Teachers (W.I.G.U.T.); Jamaica Rhodes Scholars’ Association, Selection Committee British Caribbean Rhodes Scholarship (1988-90); Founder member and leader of The Workers Party of Jamaica 1978-90; Initial convenor of The New Beginning Movement. Co-Chair, Constitutional Reform Network. Born: St. Andrew, December 10, 1944; son of Huntley Eugene Munroe, Attorney-at-Law, Q.C., retired Director of Public Prosecutions, and Muriel Ford-Munroe. Educated: Morris Knibb Preparatory School, St. George’s College, University of the West Indies, Oxford University. Played the lead role “Everyman” in the “Travelling Theatre” organized by St. George’s College and the Ministry of Education toured the towns and villages in Jamaica in connection with the 1962 Jamaica Independence Celebrations. U.W.I.; First Class Honours Degree. Represented U.W. I. in numerous debating tournaments against American Universities; Chairman of Inter Club Committee U.W.I.; Oxford University: Awarded Jamaica Rhodes Scholarship 1966; won studentship while at Oxford to Nuffield College; Chairman Oxford University West Indian Society; Leader Oxford Revolutionary Socialist Students. Career:Teaching Assistant University of the West Indies (Mona) 1964-65; Lecturer Department of Government U.W.I. 1968-78; Senior Lecturer Dept. ofGovernment 1978-91; Reader in Government 1991; Member Editorial Board Black Lines (Journal of Department of Black Studies, Pittsburgh University 1970); Jamaica National Committee on Restructuring - U.W.I. 1979; Labour Advisory Committee Ministry of Labour 1978-80. Member Editorial Board Transition Institute of Developing Studies, University of Guyana 1981. Throughout career activist on issues of social change, human rights and civil liberties. Publications: Co-editor ABENG Newspaper 1969; Author or co-author of books – Readings in Government and Politics of the West Indies, The Politics of Constitutional Decolonization; An Introduction to Politics ; Jamaican Politics – A Marxist Perspective in Transition, the Cold War & The Jamaican justify 1950-55. Author of many articles and publications, including The Marxist justify in Jamaica 1940-50 (I.S.E.R. 1977); The Making of the Jamaica Independence Constitution, Jamaica Law Journal; The Bustamante Letters 1935, Jamaica Journal; Caribbean Politics and the Faculty of Social Sciences; Social and Economic Studies; Social Classes and National Liberation in Jamaica. Married: Ingrid Wedderburn 1986; 1 son, 1 step-daughter. Interests: Reading, Swimming, Theatre, Sports, Jamaican Music. Clubs: Senior Common Room U.W.I., Turn Table. Address: (business) Department of Government, University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston 7. Tel. 977-5935. Fax 977-1809.

MURRAY, Rt. Rev. William Arthur, L.Th., A.K.C., M.A., M. Div.; Clergyman, Bishop of Mandeville since 1976. Organizations: Chairman Board of Governors Church Teachers’ College, Bishop High School, Elizabeth House Board of Management; Diocesan Education and Youth Board; Vice Chairman, Teachers’ Services Commission. Born: Morant Bay, St. Thomas, November 18, 1926, son of Herbert Livingston Murray, Civil Servant, and Ruth Maud Bailey-Murray (both dec’d). Educated: Rusea’s High School; St. Peter’s College; King’s College, London; Union Theological Seminary, New York; Columbia University, New York. Career: Assistant Master and Chaplain Kingston College 1950-52; Chaplain University College and University College Hospital 1954-61; Assistant Master and Chaplain St. Jago High School 1962-70; Editor Jamaica Churchman 1969-70; Principal Church Teachers’ College (Mandeville) 1971-78; Examining Chaplain to Bishop of Jamaica 1971. Chairman, Board of Governors, United Theological College of the West Indies 1979-85; Member Board of Governors of Codrington College, Barbados 1981-84. Awards: Prime Minister’s Medal. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Daphne Jean Goodin, April 11, 1955; 2 sons, 2 daughters. Interests: Reading, Fishing, Cricket and Tennis. Clubs: Kingston Cricket, Mandeville Rotary. Motto: Pro Christo per Ecclesiam. Address: Bishop’s Residence, Cotton Tree, P.O. Box 159, Mandeville, Manchester. Tel. 962-3225.

MUSCHETTE, Clinton Reginald, J.P. Retired School Principal, Music Teacher. Music Teacher Knox College since 1990. Organisations: Managing Director, Mid Island Educational Supplies, Returning Officer for N.W. Manchester, Vice Chairman, Manchester Parish Library Committee, Organist & Choral Director, Mandeville Parish Church, Music Director, Mandeville Ecumenical Choir, Founder/Owner, Clinton Muschett Music Studio (Grades 1 - 8). Former President of the J.T.A. 1973; Board Member, JTA Credit Union 1975-94, Former Chairman of Manchester Cultural Committee. Served on Cultural Development Commission. Has worked tirelessly in serving others especially in the area of Church development programmes throughout the entire island. Born: Limon, Costa Rica February 4, 1924 son of Reginald Muschett, Builder, and Castella Muschett-Williams, Housewife (both dec’d). Educated: Mico Teachers’ College. Career: Principal, Mt. Airy Primary School 1946-51; Principal Richmond School, Hanover 1951-54; Cooperative Officer & Admin. Divisional Officer, Ja. Social Welfare Commission 1954-61; Principal, Woodlands School 1961-64; Principal, Hatfield All-Age 1965-85. Awards: Institute of Jamaica, Centenary Award, Silver Medal in Music 1979, Prime Minister’s Award, Community Service 1983, Mico Teachers’ College 150th Anniversary, Gold Medal, Field of Education 1986, Institute of Jamaica, Centenary Award, Silver Medal, Community Service 1994, Recipient of numerous awards from local churches and community. Publications: Wrote many musical compositions for schools and churches, special occasions, including “Out of Many, One People” 1964, “Up, You Might Race” 1987, “Make a Joyful Noise” 1992. Denomination: Anglican. Married: Kathleen Louise Bryan July 30, 1947, 1 son, 2 daughters. Interests: Music, Sports (Played representative cricket for Manchester & Hanover). Club: Christian Auxilliary Movement. Motto: Serving God is Service to One’s Fellowmen. Address: (business) c/o MIDCO, Grove Court Shopping Centre, Mandeville P.O. (residence): 4 Sunrise Crescent, Balvenie Heights, Mandeville P.O.

MYERS, Frank Leslie, M.A. (Oxon); Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public. Retired Partner Myers, Fletcher & Gordon, Attorneys-at-Law. Director, Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Society, West Indies Publishing Ltd. Organizations: Formerly Chairman Hillel Academy, Director, United Congregation of Israelites, Council Member Jamaican Bar Association and Member Disciplinary Committee General Legal Council; Past Chairman Banana Industry Insurance Board; Vice-President Jamaica Olympic Association; Jamaica Boxing Board of Control. Born: Kingston, Jamaica, June 3, 1910, son of the late Alfred deCordova Myers, Solicitor, and Sybil Barrow-Myers. Educated: Jamaica College; Munro College; Exeter College; Oxford University. Religion: Jewish. Married: Alma Elaine Brandon, October 6, 1936; 1 son. Interests: Tennis, Athletics, Soccer, Cricket, Theatre, Reading. Clubs: Kingston Cricket, Liguanea. Address: (business) 21 East Street, Kingston; (residence) 7F Manor Court, Kingston 8.

MYERS, Horace Peter, Attorney at Law. Senior Partner, Livingston, Alexander & Levy since 1987. Organizations: Chairman, Reckitt and Colman (W.I.) Ltd., Jamaica Cane Products Sales Ltd., Jamaica General Insurance Co. Ltd., Lival Insurance Ltd. Director, Knutsford Capital Merchant Bank Ltd., President, Jamaica Family Planning Association since 1988, Director, International Planned Parenthood Federation (Western Hemisphere Region) since 1989, Member, Central Council, International Planned Parenthood Federation (Western Hemisphere Region) since 1991. Born: Kingston, Jamaica, June 21, 1934 son of Lionel Myers, Land Surveyor and Alice Myers, Housewife (both dec’d). Educated: Jamaica College and Priory School. Career: Articled Clerk, Livingston, Alexander and Levy, 1955-60 and Associate1960-66, Partner since 1987. Captain, 3rd BN, Jamaica Regiment (National Reserve) 1964, Member Jamaica Bar Association, Law Society (England). Denomination: Anglican. Married: Helen Whitelocke, June 6, 1964, 2 daughters. Interests: Golf, Birdshooting, Music. Clubs: Kingston Cricket, Liguanea, Jamaica, Monymusk Gun, Jackson Bay Gun, PWD Sporting. Address: (business) 72 Harbour Street, Kgn. Tel: 922-6310-9; (residence) 30 Earls Court, Kingston 8.

MYERS, Marjorie Alice, O.D., B.A., Froebel Trainers’ Diploma, M.A., Educator. Former Principal, Shortwood Teachers’ College since 1964. Organizations: Chairperson, Board of Managers, Shortwood Practising School; Member Overseas Examinations Committee. Born: Port Antonio, Portland, December 3, 1924. Educated: Titchfield High School, London University. Career: Assistant Teacher, Camperdown High School, St. Hugh’s High School; Graduate Teacher, Ardenne High School; Vice-Principal, Moneague Teachers’ College; Principal, Moneague Teachers’ College. Awards: Jamaica Catholic Educational Association Award 1982; Jamaica Teachers’ Association Honour Roll 1985. Denomination: Anglican. Interests: Reading, Theatre. Address: 107 Hope Road, Kingston 6.

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