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Genealogy of Jamaica is an aid to research on Jamaican Families and contains data on more than 25,000 families, over 2000 photos plus numerous text files, all with Jamaican connections. Once installed on your PC you can add your own research and build your own family tree.

It is a result of many years of research and includes many extensive family trees, information extracted from Jamaican newspapers, articles etc., and even data on our National Heroes, Christopher Columbus and other prominent people associated with Jamaica going back several centuries.

It also includes over 7000 burial records at the St. Andrew Parish Church (1657-2000), and files listing names of several thousand slaves that were freed before official Emancipation. In many cases the reputed fathers are named. There are also some birth and death records extracted from official records.

The disc is for use on an IBM compatible computer, but there is a Gedcom file that can be imported for use with other genealogy programs (including MAC).

This collection of over 500 pictures will take you through the 19th to the 21st centuries in Jamaica. There are reproductions of paintings by eminent artists and photographers such as James Hakewill, Adolphe Duperly and Archie Lindo.

The author of this collection has been an active photographer for the past 50 years and a large section has been devoted to pictures taken by him over this period. An island tour takes you through every parish of the island and you will see many places that no longer exist. There is a description of how each parish got its name and several other notes of interest.
All that you need to do is place the CD in your CD-ROM drive, the program will start and the pages will turn as in any book.

A demo version is available with 15 example photographs for download. (ZIP format.)

Preview the names on the CD before you purchase.
Prospective purchasers can preview names listed on the main database before making the purchase. To do this, CLICK HERE to download a 485KB zip file. You will need WinZip or PKZIP to unzip the files, which will produce a Microsoft Word document containing nearly 72,500 names.
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UK - £25.00 (STG) | Australia - $50.00 (US)
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