The Jamaican Woman: A Celebration

Hail the Jamaican Woman! 100-Years of Achievements!

A biographical tribute to over 300 outstanding women and their contributions to Jamaica and the world.

Read of the achievements and contributions of our women in Business, Politics, Visual and Performing Arts (Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, Architecture, Culinary), Cultural Ambassadors, The Diplomatic Corps, Aviation, Sports, Science, Law, Law Enforcement, Education, Religion, Fashion and Beauty, High Academia, Communications, Literary Arts, and Community Service.

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"A beautiful book and a commendable representation of Jamaica's gender power."Late Professor Rex Nettleford, Vice Chancellor, University of the West Indies

"An excellent piece of work which shows how competent are Jamaican women and how diverse their range of occupations and activities. Bravo!" Late Angela King, Assistant Secretary General, United Nations

"The book is a remarkable record of Jamaican history. Joanne Simpson took on a labour of love to document these special Jamaican women, in tribute to the good women in her life, beginning with her own mother. That a woman should celebrate excellence in womanhood, is a testament to a spirit of wholesome giving, of humility and of respect for accomplishments of others"...Barbara Blake, Jamaican Writer and Media Specialist

"The Jamaican Woman: A Celebration provides a pillar of support, not only for Jamaican Women, but also all other women...Simpson goes all out in her quest to highlight the indelible contributions of her sorority. And dare we say, mission accomplished!" Jeanne Toussaint, SHE Caribbean magazine.

**Recommended as reference text by the Ministry of Education for tertiary level students of History, Sociology, Gender Studies, Sports, Politics and the Visual and Performing Arts. Also, can be used as resource text for Grade 7 & 9 Social Studies, CXC, CAPE Sociology, CXC, C-SEC Social Studies, CXC, C-SEC History & SSC,Social Studies



Shining Through!

Perspectives on Jamaica's Social, Economic and Political Development

For over 500 years, Jamaica has emerged a great nation with a history that has intrigued the world.
‘Shining Through’ has documented this compelling saga of Jamaica in its challenges and its victories.

The book takes you through milestone events such as Slavery, Emancipation, Colonial Government, Independence and Post-Independence. It provides status reports on important sectors:--Education, Business, The Arts (Art, Culture, Music), Foreign Policy, Gender, Religion, Information and Technology, Film, Freedom of Expression, and an illustrious Sporting Legacy.

Embedded in this story is the resilience of the Jamaican people. Colourful and a significant resource centre.

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The Author
I am a Jamaican woman with many stories to tell. The book is hardly an inch by inch commentary of my life, but instead contains snippets of important events that have taken me through the fire and have added colour and dimensions to an ordinary life. I have been programmed for success, and this has helped me to weather in-credible lows and to rise decidedly to stake my claim on my goals and desires. With God at my centre, nothing can stop me now. I came into this world wanting to make a difference. Like you, I am still in process. This book is not by accident for I know there are kindred hearts wishing to hear my stories as I am prepared to open my heart to share with them. So, I am wishing through a joining of spirits that inspiration will flow to you, my reader, as you share my journey to the comfort zone in, ‘The Tender Side of Me.’

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Dear Mr. Jesus

All children are precious. They are gifts to the world, the torch bearers of future generations. The quality of life they receive, will determine the quality of life they will experience later. They are inextricably linked not only to Jamaica’s future but also the world’s future. There is stark difference in the quality of lives of Jamaica’s children. Many are from stable families, some from wealthy homes and who are able to enjoy the joys of childhood and access opportunities for a brighter future. Yet, like world statistics, one in four of Jamaica’s children lives in abject poverty. Many live feral lives; existing under degrading human conditions, and are exposed to daily atrocities, violence, hurt and pain. Poverty is at the root of their existence. Much is being done to help our children; still, much more needs to be done. It is out of concern for the plight of our children that birthed ‘Dear Mr. Jesus,’ a simple and beautiful book. See how Jamaica fears in meeting the guidelines of the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child to which the country became a signatory in 1991.

Listen as Jamaica’s children speak about their realities….in prayers.

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Understanding our past for a brighter future


Knowledge and understanding of one's past is empowerment. 'Why Heritage,' set against the background of the country's historical legacy, gives shape and form to today's Jamaica. This picturesque publication takes you through an eventful past; from slavery to emancipation, independence and after. Read the highlights of important connections in the areas of Government, Security, Culture (music, dance, festivals, dress, religion and Education), National Symbols, National Heroes, Heads of State, Historical Towns and Landmarks, Culinary Delights and Currency.

**Recommended as reference text by the Ministry of Education for all educational institutions. It is especially suitable for students of history and social studies, C-SEC (CXC) and SSC Social Studies.


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Find Humour in the History!

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“I Do Recall”
An ABC of Jamaica Years in Review

"Joanne Simpson has once again turned her focus on Jamaica to find fun and foible for her reader's enjoyment. A shrewd observer of the "goings on" in society and bold enough to call it as she sees it, her books continue to be hot sellers in Jamaica and enjoy wide distribution throughout the Diaspora. This publication, “I Do Recall,” is likely to be no different, so brace yourself for an informative and hilarious read." …….. Basil Smith

Illustrations by Clovis.

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Smooth Runnings
A Practical Guide To Enjoy Jamaica

A racy and instructive visitor guidebook which attempts to smooth out some of the kinks visitors may find during their vacation. The book is an illustrated and hilarious insight into the sights and sounds of Jamaica and the peculiar habits of the Jamaican people.

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Only In Jamaica
A light hearted look at highs and lows of Jamaica in 1990s

An illustrated Social Commentary on life in Jamaica during the 1990s. This topical 40-page book captures in words and hilarious cartoons, the many high points and bumps-in-the road that Jamaica experienced over the past decade

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21st Century Anancy teaches good values

Anancy was a naughty little spider man from Jamaica who thought he was so 'cool' playing tricks on his neighbours for fun. He was soon to learn that making people unhappy was a bad thing, when a fat guy in a red suit accidentally sat on him early one Christmas morning

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(Anancy and Friends)

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Companion colouring book to Anancy & the Christmas Bimmer

Contact the Author: Joanne M. Simpson
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