I know you Love me
But I've gone where
Rose petals are my pillow.

I know you cared for me as I got weak
I've gone where I can run again.

I know you hoped my pain would ease
So I've gone where I can smile again.

As I wave good-bye for the last time…

I leave with you
My words of encouragement…
My memories.

I leave with you
My dreams
My warmth.

Smile with me..
As I go home to rest,

I'm tired.

Dawn MacGregor-Bromfield



Bottoms in the air
Legs open wide
There's food and market women
Sprawled on either side.

Chitter-chatter, Ha Ha Hee!
Shouts of anger…
And a whisper in plea.

"How much for yuh yam?"
"Leggo ofa me food"
The broadest language
and children being rud'.

'Larks massah! A weh yu did de
"Wha' Mas Johnny did sey?"…

Screams of disgust
Twangs for tourists and rich,
The market place is full of 'two-faced' people;
Don't know which is which!


Electrifying, Blood Rushing
Step back, too close.

Warm hands, Soft lips
Come closer, too far.

Eyes darting, Sweat dripping,
Hold me steady, I fall.

Knees trembling, Head spinning
Feel my body as it calls.

Heart Pumping, Soul Searching
Touch my finger as I flounder.

Breathing Heavy, Voice Silent
Engulf my friendship.
I melt.

By Dawn MacGregor-Bromfield


The baby says
I don't want to be like you.

You are too stern
I want to live with no fences.
You are too cruel
I need to smile with no fear.

He is a hypocrite
I feel that's not right
She is a gossiper
I know that can shed no light.

I look around …
Where are my heroes
I listen to the hearts of men
Where are the morals.

As I grow I want to be..
Like mummy.
No! I want to be like ..

No! I want to be like
Grandma or grandpa.
No! I want to be like my teacher

As I search for my identity
My eyes go upward.
There are no more heroes here
I have to be like Him.

Dawn MacGregor-Bromfield