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Dawn MacGregor-Bromfield
, born July 1961 and raised in London, England, is the eldest of three girls for her Jamaican father and Dominican mother. Dawn and her family came to live in Jamaica in the early 1970's. Inspired by the beauty of the country and its people, she started writing poetry and found that she had the aptitude to write at will. Friends and schoolmates capitalized on this by requesting poems for their boyfriends and for gifts to family members. They would furnish details and she would put these into poetic form.

Throughout the years as Dawn matured so did her poetry. The Tigox collection covers a wide range of topics. The poems help to put a smile on a depressed face, comfort the disheartened, or help someone to put into words what they feel, but don't know how to express.

Dawn is a Computer Systems Specialist and is presently a freelance computer trainer, lecturing at schools, business places and conducting individual home training through her own business, DMac Computer Services Limited.

Dawn, who plays the piano and teaches others to play the instrument, also dances (creative dancing) and sings. She is married and has a son. has chosen Dawn as one of the best poets for the year 2001. Additional samples of her work can be viewed on their site.