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Welcome to the Returning Residents Information Guide
Home | Clearing a Car | Duty Schedule | Eligibility | Importing a Car | F.A.Q
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This information is printed with permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade. For further information, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade at 21 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5, Jamaica, W.I. Tel: (876) 926-4420; Fax: (876) 929-6733. E-Mail: mfaftjam@toj.com

An importer must apply to the Trade Board for an Order and Clearance Permit, and obtain the Permit before shipping the vehicle. You must also secure the services of a licensed Customs Broker to clear the vehicle on arrival - an individual is not permitted to do this. The procedures are to be carried out as follows:

  • Application for an Order and Clearance Permit - The importer must first secure from the Trade Board, complete in triplicate, and present for valuation and pproval an Order and Clearance Permit Individual Application Form. This application must be accompanied by the following items:
    • If the vehicle is new, you should get a pro-form invoice from the dealer, detailing the model, accessories, and c.i.f. value;
    • If you already own the vehicle you should provide a certificate of title or registration document;
    • If you are importing a used vehicle, you should supply an odometer statement;
    • You should also provide two forms of identification which may be any of the following:
      • Passport
      • Driver's Licence
      • Voter's Registration Card, or
      • National Indentification Card.

If you are applying for the Order and Clearance Permit before you depart for Jamaica, supplies of the form are held at Diplomatic and Consular Missions overseas from which they may be collected or requested by mail.

The completed form should be mailed directly to the Trade Board along with the supporting documentation, (N.B.: in the case of your passport the first five (5) pages) certified by a Justice of hte Peace or notary public. Copies of your identifcation can also be certified by a Consular Officer at any Jamaican Diplomatic or Consular Mission overseas.

The form should also be accompanied by an Initial Deposit Fee of five (5) dollars or pounds in US, Canadian or UK currency, payable by cheque, money order or postal order to the Trade Board Limited. This fee is not refundable.

Collection of the Order and Clearance permit

Once the application is received at the Trade Board, it is generally processed within 24 hours if the form is properly completed and the supporting documents are in order. When approved, the Order and Clearance Permit or Import Licence is available for collection at the Trade Board location to which it was directed for processing in Kingston or Montego Bay. If you are unable to collect in person you may:

  • Ask a family member or friend to collect it. They should be provided with a letter of authorization by you, and, when visiting the Trade Board's office, they should have appropriate identification.
  • Request you Licensed Customs Broker to collect it.

On approval and collection of an Order and Clearance Permit submitted by an overseas resident, a non-refundable processing fee is payable as follows:

  • 25 US or CDN dollars or UK pounds for a Permit for a vehicle valued over US$500 but less than US$10,000
  • 50 US or CDN dollars or UK pounds for a Permit for a vehicle valued at US$10,000 and up to US$100,000
  • 100 US or CDN dollars or UK pounds for a Permit for a vehicle valued at US$100,000 or more.

Once this document has been collected, the importer can complete his shipping and clearance activities within a reasonable period. The vehicle may be shipped to any port of entry.

Anyone who imports any motor vehicle without first obtaining a valid Order and Clearance Permit will be liable to a fine equivalent to three times the value of the motor vehicle, plus seizure of the vehicle.

Clearence of the Motor Vehicle

Your Licenced Customs Broker will be responsible for the clearance of the vehicle from the port of entry. He/she will advise you of the procedure to be followed, the information required, and the costs involved for the services to be provided. For a new motor vehicle, you can estimate the amount of Customs Duty you will have to pay on your vehicle by applying the relevant Aggregate Customs Duty rate to the value on the supplier's pro-form invoice.

With used vehicles the depreciated value applicable to the age and mileage of the vehicle can be referenced from Glass's Guide (for vehicles being shipped from the UK and Europe), and the NADA Book (for vehicles being shipped from North America).


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